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What is Aerodrums?

Simple. Practical. Expressive.

Aerodrums is a revolutionary air-drumming instrument. It allows drumming without a drum set. Created for the musician who wants to be expressive and versatile while solving the problems of portability, space and noise associated with regular drum sets. Aerodrums is the perfect solution for drummers at home or on the go.

See what drummers are using Aerodrums for:

“I’ve played a drum solo to 4,000 people on Aerodrums, it’s a legit instrument.”

Gergő Borlai


What’s in the box?

Dynamics. Versatility. Portability.

Let us show you what’s in the Aerodrums box and how it all works. All you‘ll need is a compatible PC or Mac. Watch the video to see the simple genius of Aerodrums and how easy it is to set up.


Let’s start with the best bit

You play Aerodrums in the same way as you would any drum set – only, there are no drums! The drum sticks have reflective balls at the tip and are balanced to feel like traditional drum sticks. Pedals are replaced with a pair of special foot pieces with reflective material.



Firmly in the spotlight

Aerodrums comes with a lamp that shines onto the reflective material on the sticks and foot markers. The lamp is equipped with a special lens and fits neatly onto the camera.

The magic of motion-capture technology

The high-speed camera plugs into an available USB port. It captures the movement of the reflections made by the lamp from your sticks and foot markers into the Aerodrums software.

What will you use Aerodrums for?

Aerodrums for playing

With its dynamic range and extensibility play Aerodrums without compromising any of the expressiveness of a conventional drum set.


Aerodrums for learning

Find out how Aerodrums is the perfect instrument for learning to play the drums and an ideal complement to a practice pad.


Aerodrums for recording

Aerodrums offers a dynamic and cost-effective solution for the home or studio. Find out how easy Aerodrums is to use for recording projects.


System Requirements

All you need is a PC or Mac to use Aerodrums. Check the Above VIDEO to know how to setup.

  • 2 x drumsticks
  • 2 x extra reflective balls
  • 2 x foot pieces
  • 1 x lamp

User Videos

What would you play?

We love seeing drummers of all experiences having fun with Aerodrums. Thanks to everyone who shared their videos with us.

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