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Blueguitar AMP1 Irdium

Blueguitar AMP1    Blueguitar AMP1

This little metal monster is just amazing”                                                        Modern Metal guitarist Frank Fleckenstein gives an
– JOHN BROWNE, MONUMENTS                                                 overview of the extensive features of the AMP1 Iridium Edition.


Three independent, discrete OVERDRIVE channels deliver rich and tight distortion sounds that can be changed in gain structure and timbre. Each of these channels offers different attack, response and dynamics. The CLEAN channel with large headroom and treble reserves helps even central humbuckers produce transparent, sparkling clean sounds.

MODERN – With its extremely high gain reserves, this channel delivers crystal-clear string separation through massive low-cut and can be adjusted with the Custom Control TONE knob from “Cut through the mix” solo sound to “maximum brutality” -typical V- Regulate curve in the middle.

CLASSIC – Due to the hard distortion curve and the specially tuned bass filter, this channel is percussive and significantly wider and harder than VINTAGE in the mid-range. The mid-range spectrum can be shaped by the Custom Control TONE from “Hot Rodded British High Gain” to “German sound wall”.

VINTAGE – Tight and woody mid -range sounds that are transmitted tightly , especially with extremely low tunings, and at the same time deliver creamy distortion in the mids.

CLEAN – Massive headroom thanks to the 100 watt power amp and treble reserves that help even central humbuckers produce transparent, sparkling clean sounds. Optimal platform for pedals such as shimmer reverb, modulation or delay.


The AMP1 ™ Iridium Edition has an infinitely variable gain boost that precedes all channels like a pedal, as well as a highly effective noise gate with three different sensitivity levels, which is essential for metal.

BOOST – The level of gain can be adjusted with the custom control knob. The Boost has a subtle increase in the middle to give clean sounds more definition and to provide overdrive sounds with more gain without them becoming muddy.

At full stop, the boost goes into saturation – similar to a tube stage or a tube screamer. This creates even more rich overtones for creamy yet tight overdrive sounds.

NOISE GATE – The Noise Gate offers three positions:

METAL: The special metal mode reacts extremely quickly and hard. High-gain sounds and staccato metal riffs are reproduced razor-sharp and precisely. Muted passages – even with a lot of gain – are really quiet. There is also no more noise to be heard.

OFF: In this position the noise gate is deactivated.

SOFT: In this position the noise gate is very sensitive. It opens even with the lowest input signals so that the finest nuances can still be heard. Soft tones therefore fade naturally without being cut off.


The speaker simulation of the AMP1 ™ Iridium Edition works analog and is specially designed for metal sounds. Special Current Feedback creates an authentic tube amp feel with punch and bite.

In order to realize even more authentic loudspeaker simulations, “IR” s (impulse responses) are often used. In addition, the internal (analog) speaker simulation of the AMP1 ™ Iridium Edition can be switched off so that you can use the impulse responses of your favorite speaker.

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