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1. Auro D1200 – 700W Active Subwoofer

Heart-Thumping Power & Portability.

Samson‘s Auro D1200 Active Subwoofer provides powerful lows that let audiences not only hear, but “feel” the bass. The Auro D1200 packs heart-thumping power in an efficient enclosure that weighs just over 40 pounds, making it ideal for fixed installations, DJs and sound reinforcement applications. The Auro D1200 Active Subwoofer goes where low-end is a must.

The Auro D1200 features a 12″ long excursion low frequency driver and a built-in amplifier that produces 700 watts of output power. Signal, Limiter and Protect indicators offer constant monitoring of the amplifier. Its variable low pass filter control allows you to properly tune the subwoofer for specific applications, while the system’s Polarity switch can be used to ensure that the subwoofer is in phase with the rest of your PA system. The Auro D1200 also features balanced stereo XLR-1/4″ combo inputs, parallel XLR outputs and a 3-position (Normal, Deep, Boost) DSP contour control.

Auro D1200 Rear Panel rsx118s_ho-display

A roadworthy design, the Auro D1200 is constructed of solid 5/8″ plywood with a professional textured paint finish. The enclosure also features two large ergonomic carry handles that make transport a breeze, as well as a 1 3/8″ pole mount receptacle.

Easy to move and built to last, the Auro D1200 Active Subwoofer provides the super tight and punchy low frequency output that completes your Auro PA setup.

2. Auro D412 – 400W 2-Way Active Loudspeaker

Auro D412 Fuses Power and Portability with the SamsonSound.

Designed to encompass the key elements of power, portability and exceptional sound, Auro D412 is a lightweight, 2-way active loudspeaker enclosure that combines superior components and meticulous engineering.

Delivering 400 watts of power, Auro D412 features a 12″ extended low frequency driver and accompanying 1.34″ compression driver. Immersive, articulate bass and sweet, lucid highs create well-balanced and expressive audio suitable for any situation when pro-quality sound is a must. Plus, our exclusive Optimax processing ensures Auro D412 will operate at high volume levels without sacrificing low end. Its convenient 1/4″ line input and XLR mic input, along with volume control and two-band equalizer, combine professional capabilities with total ease of use. The speaker also features a 1 3/8″ pole mount receptacle and dual-angle floor monitor positioning options for flexible setup.

One feature you’ll love about Auro D412 is its conveniently lightweight, yet resilient design. The unit provides two oversized ergonomic carry handles, making transportation a breeze, while the solid polypropylene construction ensures roadworthy durability. Auro D412 is ideal for sound professionals and performers seeking to bridge the gap between portable and fixed installation applications.

3. Tourtek Speaker Cables

Tourtek Cables have been designed for musicians and sound engineers who require superior sound quality and demand ultimate reliability. The cables exceed the design goal by combining quality components like genuine Neutrik® connectors and durable low-noise wire with solid build construction.

For delivery of serious power, Tourtek Speaker Cables use genuine Neutrik® Speakon® and 1/4” connectors, heavy-duty oxygen free 14-gauge copper wire and solid build construction. The result is a reliable cable with low loss, extreme durability and superior sound quality.


The Tourtek Speaker cables are available in a variety of lengths to ensure you have the appropriate cable for any application. Available in 3′, 10′ and 30′ with 1/4″ connectors; 30′ with Speakon® connectors; 30′ with one 1/4″ and one Speakon® connector.

Available Configurations:

  • TSQ3 – 3′ Speaker Cable, (2) 1/4-inch connectors
  • TSQ10 – 10′ Speaker Cable, (2) 1/4-inch connectors
  • TSQ30 – 30′ Speaker Cable, (2) 1/4-inch connectors
  • TSS30 – 30′ Speaker Cable, (2) Speakon connectors
  • TST30 – 30′ Speaker Cable, (1) 1/4-inch & (1) Speakon connector

WARNING: This product contains DEHP, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.

4. LS2 Lightweight Speaker Stands

Samson’s LS2 Lightweight Speaker Stands raise your music to where audiences can enjoy it to the fullest. The pair of lightweight, telescoping tripod speaker stands features a roadworthy, steel-constructed design with a sleek black finish. With their standard 1 3/8-inch pole adapters, the LS2s fit virtually all PA speakers.Adjustable up to six feet in height, each stand can handle enclosures that weigh up to 55 pounds (25kg).