Mapex – Black Panther (Velvetone & Blaster) Drum Kit 5 pc Shell Pack (w/o Snare)


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5 pc Shell Pack Without Snare Drum



Note: Hardware and cymbals need to purchase separately

The thin 5.1mm American maple shell, 3.4mm walnut reinforcement ring, and centered bearing edge with rounded back cut produce a strong and punchy attack, and a quick and focused resonance with dark overtones. The virgin bass drum and stand-mounted toms allow the shells to naturally vibrate without restriction, producing greater tonal clarity. SonicSaver counterhoops further focus the overall sound. Additionally,, the hoop’s unique profile reduces wear and tear on sticks and hands while dramatically enhancing the response.


  • 10ply, 5.1mm USA Maple, 3.4mm Walnut Edge-Rings Toms
  • 10ply, 7.2mm USA Maple, 3.4mm Walnut Edge-Rings Bass Drums
  • 5: 5 Rounded Bearing Edge
  • Brushed Black Chrome Hardware
  • SONIClear™ Tom Suspension
  • SONIClear™ Floor Tom Feet
  • Low-Contact Bass Drum Claws
  • Memory-Mark Bass Drum Spurs
  • Sonic Saver Hoops
  • Remo Suede Tom Batter Drumheads
  • Remo Suede PowerStroke3 Bass Batter Drumheads

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