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The KAT KT2 is the ideal choice for the player who is looking for a digital drum set that features a broad set of features and the highest quality sounds at an exceptional price.

The KT2 comes with over 500 studio-grade drum, cymbal and percussion sounds. In addition, there are 80 play-along tracks and 45 drum sets (30 preset drum kits and 15 more user-programmable kits) to fit any style.

For an even greater experience, the KT2 has two additional trigger inputs, allowing the addition of an extra drum pad and/or cymbal.

The USB Sound Module connects to a wide variety of devices and is equipped with a pair of 1/4-inch stereo output jacks, and input jack for connecting to an iPad or other MP3 player as well as MIDI and USB ports for digital recording or playback.

Specifications :

Kit Configuration
Snare: 9″ Dual zone pad
Tom1 – Tom3: 9″ Dual zone pad
Crash1: 12″ Dual zone cymbal w/choke
Ride: 14″ Dual zone cymbal w/choke
Hi-Hat: 10″ Single zone cymbal no choke

Tone Generator
Maximum Polyphony: 64
Drum Kits: 45 (30 preset kits + 15 user kits)
General MIDI Kits: 11 GM Kits
Drum Instruments: 484 (Drums, Percussion, SFX) 19 Hi-Hat Combos
Effects: Reverb, 3-Band Equalizer

9 Trigger Input Jack, Headphone Jack (1/8″ stereo), Aux. In jack (1/8″ stereo), 2 External Trigger Input Jack, (1/4″, Tom4, Crash2),
Output (1/4″, L/Mono, R), USB, MIDI In, MIDI Out

Control Buttons
Power On/Off INC/DEC
Volume Click
Start/Stop Drum Off
Save Record
Song Tempo
Kit Utility
Voice Play/Practice
Page/Select 12 Pad select Buttons

Normal: Song 80
Learning: Beat 20
Rhythm 12
Pattern 10
Resolution: 120 Ticks per quarter note
Recording Method: Real-time
Maximum Note Storage: Approx. 1600 notes
Tempo: 30~280
Display: Backlit Segment LCD

Power Supply: DC 9V

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