Digital Drum Kit 6 pc with Module & Hardware – KAT KT3


With Module & Hardware


The new 6-piece kt3 digital drum set represents KAT’s latest advancement in its “kt” drum series. This “big brother” edition of the widely acclaimed kt2 features large 11″ white floor tom and snare drum pads, a larger 12″ hi-hat cymbal, two 12″ crash cymbals, a 14″ ride cymbal with an all-new bell trigger and most importantly, a new library of amazing, high quality sounds.

The built-in general MIDI sound card includes a variety of play-along songs that are both fun and challenging to play. The sophisticated kt3 sound module includes 45 pre-configured drum sets, 25 user-programmable drum sets, 100 built-in play along songs, and 550 studio-quality drum, cymbal, DJ, EFX, and percussion sounds.

The kt3 module has as much connectivity as you have come to expect from a KAT kit. A pair of 1/4″ stereo output jacks accommodate direct recording and mixer amplification. A stereo input jack allows you to plug in your mp3 player so you can play-along and practice to your favorite tunes.

Kit Configuration
Snare: 11″ Dual zone pad
Tom1 – Tom2: 9″ Dual zone pad
Tom3 – Tom4: 11″ Dual zone pad
Bass Drum: 9″ Single zone pad mounted onto tower support structure
Crash1 & 2: 12″ Dual zone cymbal w/choke
Ride: 14″ Dual zone cymbal with Bell Trigger
Hi-Hat: 12″ Single zone cymbal no choke

Tone Generator
Maximum Polyphony: 64
Drum Kits: 70 (45 preset kits + 25 user kits)
General MIDI Kits: 11 GM Kits
Drum Instruments: 550 (Drums, Percussion, SFX) 23 Hi-Hat Combos
Effects: Reverb, 3-Band Equalizer

9 Trigger Input Jack, Headphone Jack (1/8″ stereo), Aux. In jack (1/8″ stereo), 2 External Trigger Input Jack, (1/4″, Tom4, Crash2),
Output (1/4″, L/Mono, R), USB 2.0, MIDI In, MIDI Out

Control Buttons
Power On/Off INC/DEC
Volume Click
Start/Stop Drum Off
Save Record
Song Tempo
Kit Utility
Voice Play/Practice
Page/Select 12 Pad select Buttons

Normal: Song 100
Learning: Beat 20
Rhythm 12
Pattern 10
Resolution: 120 Ticks per quarter note
Recording Method: Real-time
Maximum Note Storage: Approx. 1100 notes
Tempo: 30~280
Display: Backlit Segment LCD

Power Supply: DC 9V

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Additional information

Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 62 × 112 × 32 cm

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