E900 Evolution 900 Series Drum Microphone Set – Sennheiser





One of a kind
For some, music is a passion – for others, it’s also a profession. The evolution series has the right microphone for everyone. Each series sees itself as the accompanist to a development. And since demands can grow quickly, the evolution wired mics simply evolve along any sound.

Meet the series

What all of the microphones in this series have in common is impressive sound, a clear focus on the job at hand and extreme ruggedness. All have been created in the best tradition of German engineering and are the result of the dedication of our engineers, of countless tests, and of the most meticulous manufacturing processes.

evolution 900 series

Every detail counts for perfect live sound. Take the evolution wired 900 series: conceived of as a harmonically calibrated family, these high-end microphones combine demanding sound with unmatched reliability. Uncompromising stage equipment for uncompromising professionals.

evolution 900 series

evolution 600/800 series

They sound like more than so-called standards: these microphones for instruments (evolution wired 600 series) and vocals/speech (evolution wired 800 series) are the entry level for the Sennheiser class. Just plug them in and sound better – the evolution wired 600/800 series is ruggedly designed and easy to use.

evolution 600/800 series

Microphone Set for Drums

Professional drum case consisting of:

  • 1 s 902 Bass drum microphone
  • 4 e 904 Tom microphone
  • 1 e 906 Snare microphone
  • 2 e 914 Overhead microphone
  • CC5 case with inlay
  • e914: for demanding instrument recordings, and performances that produce extended frequencies, high SPL handling and transient response. For woodwind, strings, and home recording
  • e904: for toms, snares, and percussion, clips-on quickly and easily wherever you choose. Tough, reinforced housing, and clamp
  • 902: for bass drums, bass guitar cabs and tubas. Solid, lightweight, and easy to position. For studios, clubs, rehearsal rooms, smaller gigs, or for home recording.
  • comes along with 1 Nos Steel Drum case