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Meet the New FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

Now you can get Fractal Audio’s industry-leading amp and cab modeling, plus a suite of stompbox and studio effects, a powerful foot controller, 4×4 USB audio — and more — all in a compact, rugged, all-in-one, floor unit designed for the studio or stage.

Fractal Audio FM3 Amp Modeler FX Processor
Fractal Audio FM3 - Amp Modeler - FX Processor - Rear Panel

The Sound of Fractal Audio

Legendary Amp Modeling and Speaker Simulation
plus a Suite of Incredible Stompbox and Studio Effects

The FM3 features our latest ARES Amp Modeling—a technology developed by Fractal Audio for the award-winning Axe-Fx III. It captures the sound — and the equally important feel — of real tube amps, with 265+ models offering an impressive range of clean tones, elusive “edge of breakup”, and everything from warm, touch-sensitive overdrive to face-melting modern distortion.

The FM3 also includes the entire speaker cab impulse response (“IR”) collection from the Axe-Fx III, with a stunning 2,200+ “Factory” choices and 1,024 “User” locations to store custom sounds from free or commercial producers.

As a multi-effects unit, the FM3 truly excels. It includes a superb selection of Fractal Audio’s state-of-the-art effect algorithms. All of the essentials and many exciting innovations are on board: dazzling drive pedals, dozens of delays, reverbs, compressors, EQs, phasers, flangers and other modulation effects, a looper, and much more.The FM3 blocks inventory is based on that of the award-winning Axe-Fx III

The Block Inventory of the FM3 is based on that of the award-winning Axe-Fx III.

FM3 Preset Examples (Screen Captures of Actual Factory Presets)

Impressive USB Audio Capabilities

Playback, Record, Re-Amp

With a USB connection to a Mac or PC, the FM3 works as an extremely high quality 4×4 audio interface for playback, recording, and re-amping. This lets the FM3 double as the hub of a portable recording studio.

USB channels are mapped for maximum ease of use. For example, to record the processed stereo output of the FM3, just record inputs 1 and 2 in the computer. Computer inputs 3 and 4 can be used to capture a DI, or to record input 2 L+R in stereo.

Computer playback is also easy and flexible. For studio work, you can mix a project and the FM3 to a single pair of connected monitors and transmit a separate DI to the FM3 for re-amping. For live performances, you can route the stereo FM3 and stereo backing tracks to different stereo outputs.

USB also allows 2-way communication between the FM3 and its companion software applications, FM3-Edit and Fractal-Bot.

In the coming days/weeks there will be a lot of new video content about the FM3. Here’s a quick first look with Nashville session guitarist Keven Eknes.

FM3 Amp Modeler Multi-Effects Floor Unit

A Rugged Floor Unit

The FM3 is housed in a durable steel chassis with protective endcaps designed to withstand the rigors of touring.

Three onboard footswitches – each with variable-color LED ring and mini LCD display — provide both tap and hold functions, which can be customized to do different things on eight different switch “layouts.” The new “Views” feature multiplies the power of layouts, in effect creating a virtual 12-button controller with a 3-button footprint.

In addition, a FASLINK II port allows the FM3 to be connected with up to two Fractal Audio FC-12 or FC-6 foot controllers, providing an exciting array of extended control options.

While designed as a floor unit, the FM3 features an intuitive hands-on interface with the same full-color display and familiar, easy-to-use front panel controls found on the Axe-Fx III.

The unit is powered by a 3-Core “Griffin” DSP with one ARM and two SHARC+ cores providing superior power in a compact format. A dedicated graphics processor allows the main DSPs to be focused on critical audio tasks

Summary of Features

  • FM3 is a compact floor unit with three onboard switches.
  • 3-Core “Griffin” Processor plus dedicated GPU.
  • Hundreds of accurate models with real tube amp sound and feel.
  • Rugged steel chassis with protective endcaps and handles
  • Features ARES Amp Modeling developed for the Axe-Fx III
  • Easy-to-use front panel interface, plus free FM3 Edit software.
  • Includes all factory cabs from Axe-Fx III, plus 1,024 user cab slots.
  • Ultra-low noise instrument input plus XLR stereo main outputs.
  • Impressive multi-effects capability based on Axe-Fx III.
  • Additional Stereo I/O Pair, plus headphone & SPDIF outputs.
  • Uncompromising sound quality and road-worthy reliability.
  • 4×4 USB Audio, 2 onboard switch/pedal jacks, MIDI In & Out/Thru
  • Fantastically flexible 3-button integrated foot controller.
  • Easy-to-Read precision Tuner with graph and virtual strobe displays.
  • FASLINK II allows adding up to two FC-12/FC-6 controllers.
  • Upgradeable firmware allows constant improvement and innovation
FM3 with FC-6 and EV-2

The FM3 is shown here with an FC-6 controller and one EV-2 Expression Pedal.


PDF File—September 14, 2020

Fractal Audio Blocks Guide

PDF File—Nov 24, 2020
This detailed guide covers the features and parameters of all blocks used in the FM3 and Axe-Fx III.

Fractal Audio Footswitch Functions Guide

PDF File—February 11, 2020
This detailed guide covers the functions that can be assigned to any footswitch on the FM3, FC-6, and FC-12.

Firmware Version 3.01

Zip Archive—December 21, 2020
Firmware for the FM3. Includes an Update Guide and Release Notes.

Factory Presets

Zip Archive—September 4, 2020
Factory preset banks, For FM3 firmware 1.06 or newer. Includes banks A, B, C and an ALL BANKS file. Use Fractal-Bot to install.

Windows USB Drivers Bundle 

Zip Archive – July 13, 2020
Audio Driver: Version 4.86 and Serial Driver: Version 1.1
This zip archive contains two separate drivers required for FM3 USB operation under Windows. You must install BOTH drivers.

FM3 Edit

FM3 Edit

FM3-Edit is a full-featured Mac/PC editor for the FM3. You can view, edit, and manage presets, and much more.

You will immediately discover the advantages of working on a large computer screen with a full keyboard and mouse/touchpad. FM3-Edit makes it even easier to create and dial in even the most complex setups.

View entire presets at a glance, edit blocks and parameters, copy/paste, drag and drop, and more.

Speed your workflow with preset Templates, or use the Block Library stored on your computer to access your favorite settings in one click.

Unlock your full creative potential with FM3-Edit, available below for free.

.dmg file – December 19, 2020 – Version 1.02.02
Requires Mac OS 10.7 or newer (FM3-Edit is compatible with Catalina).

FM3 Edit for Windows (64-bit)

.exe file – December 19, 2020 – Version 1.02.02
Requires Windows 7 or newer (64-bit only).
(32-bit version for Windows 7 or newer: Version 1.02.02)

NOTE: Like Fractal-Bot and USB Audio, FM3-Edit for Windows depends on the FM3 USB Audio and Serial drivers.

IMPORTANT: If you get the error “MSVCP140.dll is missing” please install the MS Visual C++ Redistributable Update.

Artist Preset Series


We are very pleased to introduce our new Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series!

Enjoy this collection of Presets from members of the incredible Fractal Audio Artist Community that we will be continually updating.

To install them, you will need to connect your equipment to your computer and install either FM-3 Edit or Axe-Edit III.

For detailed instructions, please consult your FM-3 or Axe-Fx III Owner’s Manual.



These presets require the following minimum firmware versions: Axe-Fx III v12.08 or FM3 v1.04

Firmware 1.04 for the FM3 has been released through our forum. Please update before installing these presets on your FM3









Misha Mansoor

The Axe-Fx was a game changer for us both live and in the studio. The new model takes it to an unprecedented level of realism and control. This is beyond modeling or effects processing… this is the new standard for guitarists.


John Petrucci

The Axe-Fx completely and forever changed the way I look at guitar processing. The new model takes everything I love about the old one to the next level. All of the FX sound richer and the new interface makes it even easier to use. My rig has a new openness and clarity and sounds so much better as a result.


Tosin Abasi

The beauty of Fractal Audio is that they finally achieved the goal of emulating real tube amps. Specifically, the Axe-Fx III is uncanny! The realism. Touch sensitivity. The dimension of the tones… the harmonic behavior when you hold a note. You can achieve sounds that you would be hard pressed to get out of an amplifier. For The Madness of Many we had all these amazing [high end boutique] amps at our disposal and were pretty committed to recording with them, but we found we were able to arrive at the tones we wanted with the Axe-Fx. In fact all of our albums have been recorded using the Axe-Fx.


The Edge

The Edge is known for his signature sound—a combination of musical elegance, exquisite core tone, and innovative effects—especially echo. For him to trust this illustrious sonic asset to the Axe-Fx expresses that it meets his exacting needs, but also demonstrates that this guitarist is a veritable force at the forefront of both music and technology. We’re proud that he chose to be listed here.


Steve Vai

The new Axe-FX has all the functionality and tonal quality of the old model, and then some. The introduction of the original Axe-FX unit into the pantheons of guitar FX processors was akin to the invention of the wheel. The new unit is like having four wheels and racing into the abyss.


Dweezil Zappa

The new Axe-Fx made my head spin. Amazing amp feel and endless tone. It truly is a quantum leap… a major milestone in guitar technology.


Joe Satriani

The Axe-Fx is a tone generating powerhouse. I’ve been using it for writing recording and live performance. It always delivers the goods. Mike Keneally and I both have them integrated into our live rigs. They’re rock solid and sound great every night. The shows wouldn’t be as fun and exciting without them.

Jason Richardson

The Axe-Fx III is siiiicckkk.


Alex Lifeson

The quality of all the effects is superb. There is great depth and transparency, and excellent imaging that makes listening with in-ear monitoring a wonderful aural experience. The choices are limitless and it’s fully loaded with all the options you’d ever need. Take it for a test drive, you won’t be disappointed.


We wanted to hate the Fractal. All that work formulating and honing the Metallica guitar sounds was going to be lost. We couldn’t have been more wrong! It opened the door to way more options than we had ever had before. In short WOW. — “Big Mick” Hughes Engineer Metallica


Devin Townsend

I have been working with the Axe-Fx For almost a decade now, and with almost obsessive levels of scrutiny, I have been trying to find reasons to use other things, or ‘go back to amps’ …but something wonderful has happened, in that not only does the Axe-Fx III boost my CPU power and provide a truckload worth of tone in a unit I can carry in an overhead compartment, it also has put me in a position where in a very real way, I now prefer the tones I have created in my Fractal units over my traditional amps. On my newest record, after exhaustively micing up a dozen great amps in the studio, I actually chose to re-amp my signal and use the Axe-Fx III, which I preferred to all the amps. It is a total solution for me, and my life is literally better for it. I can’t recommend this technology enough.


Def Leppard

Phil Collen – I’d been using the same amp for years. I tried the Axe-Fx III and everything sounded incredible… I switched over just like that. This is the best my guitar has ever sounded. Amazing!

Rick Savage: When I tried it, I couldn’t believe my ears. It makes you sound a better player. There’s a clarity without sacrifice. This is the best rig I’ve ever EVER used.

Vivian Campbell: The Axe-Fx III has a very strong dynamic element. It actually breathes… responds to the touch. There’s a real clarity. It’s great.


Synyster Gates

This is what I’ve been waiting for my entire life!


Guthrie Govan

Finally a digital panacea for guitar tone which actually works: I never thought the day would come but the sound and feel of this magic black box are so “real” that witchcraft would appear to be the only logical explanation… Most pleasing!


Neal Schon

I’ve tried every modelling unit available on this planet and the Fractal is by far miles ahead in every area. It’s also proven to be flawlessly dependable in the studio and live performances. So no matter who tries to get what out of me…. you’re not getting my Fractal…

Larry Mitchell

Grammy-Winning Producer & Guitarist

One my best purchases ever. With my Axe-Fx I can now tour the world with my ultimate tone rig – and it’s a carry-on!

Trevor Rabin

Yes, ARW, Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx is just ridiculous. The modeling is just great and it was really the only product of its kind that I could bond with. On tour it’s been trouble-free and has replaced my entire rig: big stereo amps pedals effects a switching rig. It’s just great…really great!

Andy Summers

The Police, Solo Artist

Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx…Brilliant innovation!

Don Felder

The Eagles, Solo Artist

The Fractal system is like having over 100 guitar setups in one…Different amps speakers and effects in every combination you could imagine. It is so helpful in the studio to recreate or redo a guitar part… No setting up no microphones or tweaking to match sounds. It’s just right there where you left it. I’m loving this unit and having a blast exploring all of it’s possibilities.

Danny Elfman

Film Composer, Oingo Boingo

I add guitar to my scores a lot. The quick access to my favorite presets when I get an idea and want to jump right in is exactly what I need. And the Axe-Fx sounds great!!

Danny on IMDB


The Offspring

The Axe-Fx gives us a consistent and reliable tone every night. I can’t imagine touring without it. We also use it in the studio and I even use one at home to practice and play along with records.

Bob Rock

Producer, Engineer, Living Legend

I am loving the Fractal. It’s a ‘must have’.
Producer Engineer: Aerosmith Bon Jovi Motley Crüe Metallica The Cult Bush The Offspring Black Veil Brides

Chris Baseford

Producer/Engineer; Shinedown, Rob Zombie, Motley Crue, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback and more.

I’ve been a fan of the Axe FX for a while now, but the III takes it to a new level. Now, I feel there is zero compromise between this and a tube amp. Having used modelers alongside tube guitar amps for over 20 years, I can say without doubt, that the Axe FX III is the ultimate guitar rig solution!

Allan Holdsworth

Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx… It’s GREAT. I love it! Technology has gotten to the point where you can achieve the sound once required loads of other gear. I wish I’d had it many years ago.

Mick Jones


My Axe-Fx has replaced an entire collection of other gear. Fractal has helped my tech and me to be able to dial up any sound or effect in seconds. Works great on the road and in the studio.

Jake Bowen


I’ve seen the Axe FX turn the most hardened tone snob into a believer in a matter of minutes. There are no substitutes no equals… I’ve completed my tone journey and the destination is most definitely the Axe FX.

Mark Holcomb


The AxeFx achieves literally every tone I want for our music and then some. From all the tones on the new record to everything we use live – it’s all AxeFX. I’ve never played through such a diverse dynamic yet straightforward unit. It re-shaped the way I think about guitar tone and I honestly can’t see myself ever going back.

Dave Mustaine


With the Fractal Axe-Fx you can literally do anything. For me that means recreateing an intense history of crushing metal tones spanning three definitive decades so that is saying a lot — and beyond — this is the new state-of-the-art.

Ken Andrews

Failure, Producer/Mixer (Paramore Beck)

The Axe-Fx has changed everything for me in terms of electric guitar. The amazing fidelity and stability that we get to hear in our IEMs every night is really a dream come true for live guitar and bass.

Steve Stevens

Billy Idol, Atomic Playboys

I have been an Axe-Fx user since 2006. Fractal Audio really was the first to provide convincing real world guitar amplifiers and effects in a small rack unit. I cannot count the demos and recordings that I have done with my Axe-Fx since it’s become such an integral piece of my studio gear. With the introduction of the FM3, Fractal Audio have taken a giant leap in terms of sonics, ease of use, and good ol’ fun. It’s truly mind blowing that a player can show up at a gig with this little wonder box and blow the roof off the venue. It’s that damn good. Bravo Fractal Audio, you have done it again.

Chris Traynor

Bush, Gavin Rossdale, Helmet, Orange 9mm

When it comes to tone I will not compromise. The Axe-Fx is my big rig in a small box. Seriously powerful.

Photo by Alex Rauch

Aaron Marshall


The Axe Fx II is one of the most essential guitar-related tools I’ve ever experienced. Both in and out of the studio the Axe Fx II consistently surprises and inspires me. The benchmark for digital guitar processing. Period.

Intervals Facebook site



Thanks to Fractal I get the amazingly surreal experience of being able to carry hundreds of high-end amps cabs and pedals all in a small suitcase around the world to play music I wrote in my bedroom with people I met on the Internet. If that’s not a sign of living in the future I don’t know what is.

PLINI Web Site

Adrian Belew

Solo Artist, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, many more…

Powerful pristine flexible deep monstrous and dead quiet… The Axe-Fx is world-class processing at its best.
It is literally everything I need.

Lyle Workman

TV/Film Composer, Sting, Beck

Working with with tube amps and analog for decades I believed I had no interest nor need for this technology but once i had the Fractal in my studio and spent time with it I am now a total believer and convert. The scope of sonic possibilities are staggering not to mention what a huge aid that is to the creative flow. I am bowled over by Fractal Audio’s products and team.

Jim Adkins

Jimmy Eat World

Holy #%^!@ !%!@! the Axe-Fx III sounds amazing!! Seriously. I am THAT guy now telling everyone how insane it is. Yes, the new possibilities to create a sound will melt your brain, but the bottom line is that guitar > amp block > cab block just sounds incredible!

Ted Sablay

Touring Guitarist, The Killers

The Axe-FX is a major breakthrough in amp modeling. As a person who loves the sound of tube amps and individual guitar amps, I didn’t know at first whether it would be a good fit, but I quickly found that the tones and effects sound amazing and that I could dial in the specific sounds I need. I don’t completely understand how this all fits into a single unit but I’m glad it does!


Stephen Carpenter & Sergio Vega

We recently purchased Axe-Fx units and as you know it is a transcendental experience… especially for those who love developing tones with movement and textures to use for composition as we do. We feel as though we found a life partner in this system!

James Iha

Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle

It’s amazing! I love it!

Nameless Ghoul


The Axe-Fx provides consistently great tone no matter where or when our ritual takes place.

Ghost Site

Isaiah Sharkey

John Mayer, D’Angelo

The Fractal $#!+s all over every other processor I’ve ever used.


We struggled with tube amp inconsistency for years especially with in-ears. The Axe-Fx eliminates this problem completely for us…it sounds consistently great every time and you cannot beat the support from the Fractal team!

Volbeat Web Site

Sonny Landreth

Solo Artist

The Fractal is a killer sounding all-in-one unit for stage and studio. It’s brilliantly designed and is a compact alternative to hauling my amps pedals and effects to the gig.

Sonny Landreth Web Site

Jack Douglas

Engineer, Producer

The Axe-Fx performs beautifully! Many of the guitarists I produce are amp-tone purists. They can be reluctant to try a unit like this but in no time at all they love working with it! I always get in there and work with microphone, amplifier and pedal combinations, and the Axe-Fx puts it all at your fingertips. The tones are easy to fit into the mix and the FX processing opens doors for artist creativity. I love it!


Mikael Åkerfeldt, Fredrik Åkesson

Fredrik – “Simply the best guitar effects processor out there.”
Mikael – “I’ve used the full spectrum of the Axe-Fx from the Ultra to the XL and it is just splendid.”

Opeth Web Site

Andy Wood

Rascal Flatts, Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx is hands down the most powerful and best sounding guitar unit to date. The effects in it are beautiful the amp models retain the feel of a real amp and the ability to create your own IRs is fantastic! This unit really has no limitations!

Melissa Etheridge

Iconic Singer-Songwriter

The Axe-Fx III has taken me to a whole different level of flexibility. The possibilities are seemingly infinite and it grows with me as I learn. This vintage sound girl is a believer.

Peter Thorn

Chris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge, LA Session Player

The Axe-Fx is just an amazing tool in your arsenal and it’s getting more and more amazing all the time. It’s fantastic. I can basically get the sound of my studio now — both with the impulse response capture and the tone match feature — …and take it with me!

See Pete’s Fractal artist profile…

Tommy Shaw


There is a world of possibilities in that little box and I am enjoying getting to know it.

Bill Kelliher


Welcome to the future people! The Axe-Fx is the answer to so many limitations I’ve faced with amps and pedals. The future is now and its name is Axe-Fx!

Visit Mastodon’s Web Site

Robin Finck

Nine Inch Nails

I’ve reprogrammed the whole NIN show using the Fractal. I have never sounded better and I’m psyched with each preset for every song. Really love the thing!

See Robin’s Fractal artist profile…

Stewart Copeland

The Police, Solo Artist

Much as I’ve enjoyed stepping on my pedal collection this box gets straight to the point without the Fred Astaire. Every guitarist that comes into my studio these days immediately wants one.

Stewart’s Web Site

Shem von Schroeck

TOTO, Kenny Loggins, Don Felder

The Fractal is such an empowering music-making tool. We used to dream of gear capable of this. Now it’s a reality and all right here in our hands!

Justin Derrico

Pink, Solo Artist

The Fractal is one of the coolest pieces of gear I’ve come across in years. The presets are awesome! Super fun and inspiring. Totally convenient and bottom line sounds and feels great.

Justin’s Facebook Page

Richard Williams


After playing through the Axe-Fx for a while I went back to my rig to compare and it just felt like it was fighting me. You guys have really closed the gap here on both the amps and the effects. This is just incredible technology.

Dustie Waring

Between the Buried and Me

The Axe-fx has completely changed recording and touring for me, guitar in general. Knowing I can have any sound possible at any time with one small unit is beyond incredible. The sound quality and feel are unmatched.

Paul Waggoner

Between the Buried and Me

For years we accumulated a multitude of amps and Fx with hopes of achieving the perfect tone. The end result was just a muddy convoluted mess. Now in one rack unit the Axe-FX delivers the highest quality tones and effects while maintaining the authentic ‘feel’ of a tube amp. and is quickly becoming the standard for even the most dogmatic of tone junkies.

See the BTBAM artist profile…


Solo Artist, Guns n Roses, Art of Anarchy

As a recording artist performer producer and teacher traveling the world continuously I’ve always longed for the seemingly impossible – a variety of quality sounds with endless possibilities that can be saved and recalled flawlessly and all that you can carry with one hand. Fractal made it possible. THANK YOU for allowing me to give audiences a better listening experience than I ever could before.

Bumblefoot Web Site

Jimmy DeMartini

Zac Brown Band

My Axe-Fx gives me everything I need to deliver the perfect performance. Different presets give me the ability to fine tune EQs, amp modelers, synths, effects, and more, and I’m able to switch scenes in an instant. From small stages to stadiums, it helps me put on the best show possible.

Béla Fleck

Béla Fleck & the Flecktones

The Axe-Fx is a really great sounding box. It has improved my electric banjo sound considerably.

Hershel Yatovitz

Chris Isaak Band, Solo Artist

Fractal Audio has matched and even beaten the old school effects tubes speakers and microphones approach with digital technology. Not only have they created a device which captures the nuance mojo and fidelity of the real thing but it’s like having hundreds of real things stock and custom in two rack spaces. It is soulful rich and alive. To me the Axe-Fx is the new real thing.

See Hershel’s Fractal artist profile…

Dean Parks

Studio Musician, Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, many more…

The Axe-Fx has the amp sounds the effects collection and the controls and routing to let you make this virtual guitar rig the one you want. Soulful and smart that’s a good combination.

Ben Burnley

Breaking Benjamin

A “must own” for any guitar player! Whether you’re a pro or just jamming for fun this beast does it all! It’s all over our new record. Live I use amp cabs and effects in the box straight to FOH and wedges. It just sounds GREAT.

Breaking Benjamin website

Billy Howerdel

A Perfect Circle, Ashes Divide

I went from 16U of beloved gear to an Axe-Fx and a Marshall head with no compromises! (…and I’m a very picky motherf**k’r) It’s an impressive piece that lets me reproduce old favorite sounds but more importantly inspires new ideas. I’ve finally found a single FX unit that bypasses distracting limitations and lets me get straight to the creative process.;

Brad Delson

Linkin Park

The Fractal is insanely ingenious. Captures all the magic in one reliable place. If I could live in the Fractal I just might.;

Richard Chycki

Mixer, Engineer (Rush, Dream, Theater, Aerosmith, Def Leppard)

The Axe-Fx is a powerful processor offering an innovative way to capture and create guitar tones that are instantly recallable at any time. Using the Axe-Fx is truly an inspirational experience.

See Richard’s Fractal artist profile…

Mark Day

Sam Hill Band, YouTube Sensation

Finally something that sounds and FEELS real!! The breathtaking effects are the icing on the cake!! I am blown away!

Mark Day’s Channel on YouTube

Marty Friedman

Megadeth, Cacophony

The Axe-Fx is unreal… amazing unique and most importantly totally usable tone in every situation.

Robert Fripp

King Crimson, Studio Musician

[Robert Fripp does not conduct interviews. He is using the Axe-Fx in his rig utilizing amp modeling scenes and effects processor capabilities.]

Richard Fortus

Guns N’ Roses

The Axe-Fx has been a total game-changer for me. Hard for me to admit to after all the money i’ve spent collecting vintage amps! I’ve redone my entire live rig around it and it’s now less than 1/2 the size it used to be. It’s become an essential part of my studio rig as well. It’s the first modeling technology i’ve heard that actually works for me.

DJ Ashba

Guns N’ Roses, SixxAM

The Axe-Fx is hands-down the most amazing guitar rig I have ever had the opportunity to plug into. In the studio or playing live it delivers nothing but quality tones and effects for days. I am simply blown away by this unit. It is every monster guitar rig all-in-one thanks guys!

DJs Rig Rundown

Chris Broderick


We have all heard manufacturers advertise being able to reproduce any tone but Fractal is the first to actually live up to that statement. From the dynamic response to how the gain clips it responds to my playing instead of altering it. The all-in-one must have unit.

Zach Filkins


The Ax-Fx II for me is all about the most amount of options on stage and in the studio for the absolute least amount of space unreliable technical hassle and cost. There is nothing else available with this kind of quality and reliability but with such a wide assortment of options. I have probably only tapped into about 30% of what this thing can do and I’m already sold.

John Rzeznik

Goo Goo Dolls

The Axe-Fx took my live sound to a depth I could previously get only in the studio. The effects are incredible and the unit is intuitive to use.

Goo Goo Dolls

Jon Butcher

Solo Artist, Axis Two Roads East

When I’m recording for EFX or projects 2 ROADS EAST and AXIS, I’m always looking for organic sounds—greasy, soulful rhythm-and-blues gut-bucket real-vibe. I want to hear the air around the notes. Fractal Audio delivers exactly that and then some. The amp models are reactive and alive. The reverbs lush, deep and complex. It’s essential for killer guitar sounds quickly and easily.

Joel Hoekstra

Whitesnake, Night Ranger, Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The Fractal Audio Axe-Fx is a go-to piece of gear. Killer tones! Pristine effects! I’ve used it on more gigs and sessions than I can count.

Thomas Nordegg

Living Legend; Guitar Tech to the Stars (Frank AND Dweezil., S. Vai, S. Lukather, Y. Malmsteen, W. Cuccurullo,etc. etc.)

Beyond beyond. Really wonderful performance, total world class. No wonder they’re sold before they’re even made! Really amazed by … everything!

Leon Todd

Ragdoll (Guitar), YouTube

The Axe-Fx III is not only powerful, it’s deep. It’s an inspirational music making tool and a rock solid workhorse on stage and in the studio.

Ryan Rafferty

Ragdoll (Bass)

Juggling vocals and bass means I need to be able to get a great tone with minimum fuss. The Axe-Fx III frees me up to focus on performing while delivering both clarity and crunch

Siegfried Meier

Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Songwriter (Face To Face, Kittie, DMX, The World Over)

The Axe-FX is a staple here at Beach Road. There’s not a single album I produce that it doesn’t get used on at some point. Fractal Audio gets tone like no one else, period!

Greg Howe

Solo Recording Artist, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson

The Axe-Fx is arguably the most impressive guitar related item I’ve ever owned.

Johnny A

Solo Recording Artist

For the last 2+ years, I’ve been touring with my solo looping show “Just Me …And My Guitars” – This show would not have been possible without the Fractal Axe-Fx III and FC-12. It’s been the perfect combination to get the job done!

John Popper

Blues Traveler

Fractal Audio Systems creates an entirely new dimension of possibilities for me.

Blues Traveler Web Site

Nik Kershaw

Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx doesn’t only sound like my favourite amps it “feels” like them too. All the pros of the real thing without any of the cons. In fact what am I talking about? It IS the real thing.

Nik Kershaw

Henrik Linder

Dirty Loops

The Axe-Fx is the most powerful unit out there with the least limitations. I talked to a lot of people and tried other products. The Axe-Fx was the best sound processor I found and it was a very easy decision to go with the Fractal.

See Henrik’s Fractal artist profile…

JB Brubaker

August Burns Red

I have been blown away by the realistic sound and feel I have been able to achieve with the Axe-Fx both on the road and in the studio. I love having all my tones and effects in such a portable unit.

Tim Henson


I couldn’t imagine my life without the Axe-Fx. This conveniently-sized box of wonder covers all of my tonal needs live and in the studio providing endless inspiration.

Scott LePage


The Axe-Fx has changed the way I look at digital amplification. It takes no time at all to dial in astounding tones and gives an endless amount of tweaking options. I have everything I need and more all in one unit.

Bryan Potvin

The Northern Pikes/Kane & Potvin

When I first plugged into the AX8, I was truly astonished how good the tone was. I knew instantaneously it was a game changer. After a couple hours, I was planning to sell my amps and pedals… The Northern Pikes just completed a 29 date tour, including a performance where my AX8 operated outdoors for 5 hours in -32 weather. The unit worked flawlessly. It’s an outstanding machine.

Keith Howland

Chicago, Rick Springfield, Warren Hill, Secret Agent Orange

I’ve been a tone purist and gear snob my whole life and was recently introduced to the Axe-Fx – to say I was impressed is an understatement! It’s replaced my 20k/800 pound rig. I’m sold – an amazing intuitive tone machine!

Chicago’s Site

Bill Leverty

Firehouse, Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx is the greatest thing that’s happened to the electric guitar since the pickup.

George Pajon

The Black Eyed Peas

I freakin’ love this thing! I haven’t used an amp in the studio for months and now I’ve built a live rig around it too. The tone is second to none!

Cooper Carter

SoloAWeek, Hannah Thomas, The Swear, Solo Artist

Live or in the studio the Axe-Fx is the most potent artistic tool a guitarist can own. I’ve never captured such beautiful full guitar sounds so easily whether I’m dialing in a famous tone for an episode of SoloAWeek or my own dream tone I’ve always heard in my head. The Axe-Fx inspires me to create every day.

Cooper’s Star Wars AX8 Guitar Orchestra

Pablo Hurtado


For years, I toured with a big rack filled with pedals, processors and tube amps. It was always a challenge. All those nightmares disappeared when I discovered Fractal Audio. The Axe-Fx changed my life, making shows more enjoyable. I love the consistency from show to show, the ability to program all my changes, and the constant upgrades. In fact, the Axe-Fx sounds even better than the old rig!

Wiley Arnett

Sacred Reich

The AXE-FX III is the culmination of 100 years research and development in guitar amplification. It exquisitely delivers the wants, needs and desires of the passionate guitarist. Thank you Fractal Audio!

Cody Perrin

Liz Phair, Hailee Steinfeld

The Axe FX III has been an absolute game changer for me. Between the overall sound and the amount of fine tuning you can do it has allowed me to replicate the sounds exactly like the album as well as add live elements to the artists performance. The amps sound exactly like the amps I have used my whole life in the studio and on the road and the editor makes setting up presets and performances a breeze. It is incredibly inspiring both sonically and feel-wise.

Travis Montgomery

Kill The Lights, Threat Signal

I’ve been using Fractal Audio gear since the Axe-fx Ultra came on the market, and I didn’t think anything could surpass that. Here we are with the Axe-fx III, and it’s in a completely different world of modeling. Every time I plug into it, I’m completely blown away and it makes me want to sit and play for hours. Fractal Audio is the real deal, and I can’t thank them enough for making the most complete all-in-one unit for both the studio and live use!

Greg Kubacki

Car Bomb

The power and flexibility of the AxeFX III lets my imagination run wild and create sounds I never thought were possible for guitar. The scene/channel feature makes switching between those sounds effortless, opening up a whole new world of songwriting and performance possibilities. No other piece of gear even begins to come close.”

Wes Hauch

Glass Casket

The sound and feel are undeniable… I feel tube heads are going to become as relevant as VHS tapes. There’s no stopping this train.

Camilo Velandia

Julio Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, and many more

I have been using Fractal products since 2012. The dedication to innovation that Fractal has is unmatched. Every modern guitarist NEEDS an Axe FX 3. Read that last line again.

Jeff Loomis


I am able to create the exact guitar sound and touch dynamics I want from the ground up with my Axe-Fx. Need I say more?

Keven Eknes

Solo Artist

Axe-Fx is the ultimate tool where convenience meets sound and feel. In a compact format, you can literally have any sounds from countless legendary rigs, only limited by your own imagination. Not only being an amazing studio workhorse, but as most modern stages today are powered by in-ear monitoring, the realistic sounds and its responsiveness makes this superior to other rigs.

Blues Saraceno

Solo Artist

The vast array of endless sonic possibilities make my Fractal Axe-Fx a hot-ticket item in the studio!

Tom Cochrane

Solo Artist, Red Rider

In the studio we prepared two vintage amp rigs with tried-and-true configurations and then I dialed in similar settings on the Axe-Fx in minutes and recorded them all. I could not believe that when I A/B’ed all three in the mix the Axe-Fx was simply better!

Justin York

Justin York (Paramore Touring Guitarist, York Audio Impulse Responses, Songwriter, Film/TV Composer)

My world is equal parts touring, songwriting, and production. If you asked me to choose one piece of gear that is indispensable, it would be my Fractal, hands down. It’s consistency live, seamless workflow in the studio, endless creativity, and always being able to say “yes, the Fractal can do that,” makes it the most game changing piece of equipment I own.

Mark Tremonti

Creed, Alter Bridge

The tone of the Axe-Fx is simply amazing and that is coming from a self-admitted amp junkie. This thing delivers amps cabs effects and total control. I am seriously impressed and hooked.

Richard Hallebeek

Solo Artist

After years of tone chasing with the Axe-Fx I’m now finally able to get the tone I have in my head. With every firmware update the unit keeps getting better with more enhancements and additions. The Axe-Fx will be the king of my setup for many years to come.

Visit Richard’s site

Ty Tabor

King’s X Xenuphobe, The Jelly Jam

At first I used is strictly as effects. Tremendous! It’s insane how powerful it is. Now I am also using the amp modelling as well. The entire sound of my rig is the Axe-Fx. Amazing!

dUg Pinnick

King’s X Supershine, Solo Artist

The Fractal is awesome. Wow! Everyone is talking about it. The sound is actually cleaner and clearer than with all the patching I had to do before. Rock on

Kevin Antreassian

The Dillinger Escape Plan, Producer, Engineer

I’ve been backing these units from their inception and have been using them in the studio and live for years. The ability to craft your tone from such a large palette of amps and FX is essential to my playing and producing style. Being limited to just one or two tones for a song would be like looking at a Rembrandt in black and white. When you factor in how reliable and recall-able the sounds are you really can’t beat it.

Dillinger Escape Plan site

Backroom Studios

Brett Garsed

John Farnham, T. J. Helmerich, Nelson, Derek Sherinian

The Axe Fx-II is everything I need in one package. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

Brett’s Web Site

Jim West

Weird Al Yankovic, Solo Artist

I’ve been an early adopter of guitar amp modeling technology and have used everything out there both virtual software and hardware units. My Fractal Axe-Fx reigns supreme for its sheer realism and myriad of options. If you can’t get a killer sound with this unit then you better get your day job back!

Tom Quayle

Online Instructor, Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx has totally changed the way I work and my perception of great tone! The ability to have so many incredible tones and effects at your fingertips for both live and studio work seems too good to be true but with the Axe-Fx you really can have it all.

Martin Miller

Guitarist, Producer, Composer

There are are very few pieces of gear that I deem as essential for me. The Axe-Fx is on that list. I can‘t remember how I functioned prior to getting my first Axe-Fx Standard in 2012.

Pete Lesperance

Guitarist/Songwriter, Harem Scarem, The Stellas

I’ve been chasing my version of “The Tone” for years… I’m happy to say I finally found it. From rock to country live and in the studio this thing delivers on every level. Thank you Fractal!

Harem Scarem on Facebook

Nick Hipa

Wovenwar, As I Lay Dying

The Axe-Fx is limitless leaving me constantly in awe of it’s wonderful potential

Curt Chambers

Eminem, Dr. Dre, Adam Blackstone

Ever found something that does EVERYTHING a guitarist would imagine? Fractal Audio Nation!!!!!

Curt’s website

Monte Pittman

Madonna, Prong, Solo Artist

Adding the Fractal Axe-Fx in my rig is one of the wisest things I’ve ever done. It’s completely changed my playing ideas and career for the better. I use it with my Jarrell MPS guitar and Orange heads for the best variety of the highest quality guitar sounds I’ve ever heard.

Mike Dawes

Solo Artist, Justin Hayward (Moody Blues)

The AX8 is everything and more for my electric guitar setup. I honestly can’t see any reason for players not to use this on stage and in the studio. It is superbly practical with a minimal learning curve and the amp models are just unbelievable not to mention the ridiculous amount of high quality effects that you can tweak for days. I’ve barely scratched the surface with this thing but I can’t wait to dive deeper.

Mike’s Web Site

Chris Letchford

Scale The Summit

The Axe-Fx allows you to bring any sound out there in any genre to your studio or live environment. Anyone who tells me they can’t get a good sound out of the Axe-Fx just simply hasn’t tried.

See Chris’ Fractal artist profile…

Tim & Jon Foreman


The Axe-FX eliminates the barriers that stand between what I imagine and what is possible. It is an amazing tool on the road and in the studio.

Ede Wright

Solo Artist, Elektrik Butterfly

The Axe-Fx makes everything I want to do with electric guitar easier and sound better than it ever has. I can’t imagine going back to a traditional tube rig at this point: we’re just too far past that now.

Toshinari Yanagi

Jimmy Kimmel, House Guitarist, Producer

I’ve used my Fractal gear for both live and studio work. It’s just beyond great…with punchy amp sounds and awesome effects. Very versatile and super cool… handy on the road too!

Brian Aubert

Silversun Pickups

Fractal Audio has given me the ability to shatter the creative ceiling I’ve been living under for years. I feel free.

Thom Powers

The Naked and Famous

I used the Fractal for our entire tour. It’s been a very roadworthy piece of equipment and I intend to continue using it on our next album. Fantastic piece of gear!

The Naked and Famous site


Solo Artist

In a constantly evolving game of music and music technology, I’m glad Fractal Audio stays ahead of the curve and sets the bar high! The Axe-Fx is everything!

Brett Kingman

Solo Artist

Next to my hands and imagination, the Axe-FX is my single most valuable source of musical inspiration. Every day I discover, write, create or attempt something different with it. It’s invaluable, brilliant and unrivalled.

James Norbert Ivanyi

Solo Artist

I’m using the Axe-Fx relentlessly in the studio and have easily replicated all of my favourite tube amps into simple-to-use presets ready for recording anytime and anywhere. From the most authentic vintage correct details to modern metal tones of the future and beyond it can do it all.




Tommy Kessler

Blondie, Blue Man Group. Rock of Ages

Fractal Audio is the real deal…Real tone real portable real easy. The possibilities of this unit would require an endless amount of amps pedals and rack gear to achieve.

Vernon Reid

Living Colour

I have heard the future and it ROCKS! The Axe-Fx gives you outstanding tone and almost limitless programming possibilities. Plug in and freak out!

Vernon Reid on MySpace

Ian Cattell

Brit Floyd

I’ve never been happy with the transparency and the quality of multi-effect until now! I need a wide variety of tones at my disposal with no tap-dancing. Using a pick or my fingers on passive or active basses with or without frets or even Chapman Stick it sounds great and delivers a consistently clean signal.

Ian’s Web Site

Brit Floyd Web Site

Andee Blacksugar

Peter Murphy, Black Sugar Transmission, Sheer Velocity, p0p*stAr*kiDs

The AxeFX changed everything. I haven’t set a mic in front of an amp since I got it. It makes dialing up tones ridiculously quick and easy. It’s a wonderful creative tool The fidelity flexibility and facility of this unit make it a godsend for guitarists.

Andee on MySpace

Ehsaan Noorani

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio, Fender Signature Artist, Composer/Music Director

The Axe=Fx takes guitar into uncharted areas. It achieves the single most important thing and that is realness—be it the sound or the feel. Every serious player should get one whether for recording or live use.


State Line Empire

I am constantly blown away by the feel and tone. The Axe-Fx provides the tools to inspire you to explore and to find your true musical voice.

Carl Rydlund

Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Conductor, Guitarist

As a go-to box it’s insane. In my world it paid for itself in a couple sessions. The pitch is: it doesn’t need a pitch. Play it. Listen to it. Like it? Buy it.

View Carl’s IMDB credits

Tim Miller

Solo Artist, Berklee College of Music professor

The Axe-Fx is the center piece of my guitar setup. With the Axe-Fx my tone has improved and my rig is greatly simplified. I can now run amp cabs studio-quality effects and multiple input sources simultaneously with full-range sound. Incredible!

Dan Spitz

Anthrax, Red Lamb

I had many dreams of a mad scientist inputting vintage amp blueprints into computer chips and giving me the ability to somehow mod the circuits without a soldering gun. I’m alive and it’s here. How the $#&% did they do it? We’ve just turned the corner big time.

Nguyên Lê

Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Sound Magic

I used the Ultra on “Sounds of Freedom” to create the best guitar sounds I have ever recorded (after 14 solo albums!)
The Axe-Fx is even more fantastic… with even more body complexity and presence… even more purity width and warmth. This is virtuosity in technology.

Vinai Trinateepakdee


I nevered expected that an all-in-one digital unit could replace my real amp rig but the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx did. It’s a dream come true!

Ben Flint

Blue Man Group

The Axe FX iii is great. Whether we use it to develop a new sound or recreating a tried and true vintage amp tone, it does the trick!

Marco Sfogli

Solo Artist

The possibilities the Axe FX offer are endless. From pristine cleans to high gain searing leads and everything in between I can control every single detail of my tone with an almost embarassing ease. And the effects are awesome as well. Simply unbelievable.

Rocco Pezzin

Solo Artist

I’ve been using the Axe-Fx since 2012, and I couldn’t imagine using anything else. The sound, the feel and its versatility are unmatchable, and with the Axe-Fx III, Fractal has raised the bar yet again. I can’t believe how easy it is to get great tones out of it, still blows my mind everyday!

Jason Bieler

Saigon Kick, Owl Stretching, Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx has changed everything for me! The previous amp emulators just never had that percussiveness or the responsiveness like a real tube amp until the Axe-Fx – it lets me get to the creative part quicker… it’s like cheating. Plus successful and attractive women have begun stalking me coyly asking about my “huge” tone.

Rohan Stevenson

I Built the Sky

Fractal Audio has been an absolute game changer to the industry especially for independent artists such as myself. While versatility and portability alone are enough the tonal authenticity is second to none. The ability to take my incredible studio tones with me on the road and knowing that I never have to worry about inconsistencies with mics rooms cabs and engineers makes playing live nothing but a pleasurable experience.

Galo Rivera

Solo Artist, Instructor

Man!!! The Axe-Fx with v10 is absolutely a huge game changer. I though I would never say this but “NO MORE GUITAR AMPS FOR ME BABY!!!” I’m completely done searching. I can definitely nail all the lead tones and the cleans are to die for.

Devin Bronson

Session Guitarist, Avril Lavigne, David Cook

The quality of amp modeling and effects in the Axe FX 2 are insane! I find it to be perfect for tracking and inspiring for just sitting and writing.

Dave Weiner

Steve Vai band, Solo Artist, Visible At Night

The Axe Fx is the most exciting thing in the guitar world today. I use the plethora of amps for direct recording in the studio and it’s also integral part of my live rig. Plus the people at Fractal have set the new standard for customer service and constantly pushing the technology forward.

Rusty Cooley

Solo Artist, Outworld

What can I say? I am blown away by the Axe Fx. It does everything and more. What really amazes me is that the amps do not sound ‘digital’ at all.

Dean Herrera

The Human Abstract

Axe-fx changed the spectrum of sound for myself and many other modern metal players – i was sold the second i started toying around with one and now im hooked! I use it in the studio and on tour.

The Human Abstract on Facebook

Eric Gillette

Neal Morse Band, Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx is the single best piece of gear I have ever owned. It’s everything I’ve wanted since I began playing the guitar. My tone is consistent from night to night no matter where I am playing. It is powerful dependable and makes touring much easier. I am a Fractal fan and user for life!

Eric’s Web Site

Craig Sharmat

Film Score Composer, Solo Artist

It’s just that simple when it comes to recording for my CDs laying tracks for the TV shows I am scoring or making electric guitar (or acoustic guitar with a pickup) sound design for my various projects the Axe-Fx is my first call device. It is by far the best piece of guitar gear I have ever owned.

Douglas Blair

W.A.S.P., signal2noise, BBE

This amazing piece of engineering is a blank canvas allowing me to replace 3 separate amp systems that took two men to move. It is carry-on baggage for overseas and coast-to-coast commutes to work yet sounds like every guitarist’s studio engineer’s and FOH mixer’s wet dream!

Derryl Gabel

Solo Artist, Instructor

The Axe II is without a doubt the best all in one amp modeler and FX processor in the world. It has replaced all my previous amps and FX racks. To top it all off when they improve their technology you just go to their website and download a free firmware update. Simply put Fractal Audio and the Axe FX dominate!

Tymon Kruidenier


I’ve always loved the concept of having your entire rig in one unit and with the Axe-FX I can have that without compromising in tone or versatility. The kind of music I play requires a lot of completely different sounds and approaches the Axe-FX pulls this off with great ease!

B. James Lowry

Nashville session and touring dude

Fractal didn’t change my love of great amps and stomp box tones; it INCREASED it by letting me have it ALL with me in a compact dependable footprint. My crew digs me again because I reduced the mountain of gear to haul! Fractal is my new musical DNA.

Ed DeGenaro

Solo Artist

My Axe-Fx has not only replaced all my rack gear and channel switching amps but for the first time I have a consistent tone night after night regardless of venue.

Ricky Phillips

Styx, The Babys

I’ve always felt the quest for creating and finding the perfect sound was forever and ongoing. Fractal Audio has closed the gap…with multiple choices!

Ben Butler

George Michael, Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, Paula Cole, Suzanne Vega, East Village Opera Company etc.

Thanks to Fractal Audio digital modeling has finally become a tool you can use in the studio and live without compromising tone and feel. This is hands down the best sounding and most powerful guitar processor available!.”

Dez Nagle

Good Tiger

I got my Axe-Fx Ultra back in 2008 and haven’t looked back since. The Axe-Fx now forms the integral part of our live rig and allows us to have our tones wherever we are in the world. The level of reliability tone and practicality is unrivalled by anything else.

Matt Jones

Cowboy Mouth

My Fractal Axe-Fx is a godsend. The tones I am able to recreate and also create are endless. Having all of it at my disposal on the road is priceless.

Cowboy Mouth Web Site

Bruce Somers


The Axe-FX has been a game changer for our live shows and studio recording. In the old days we would use amps and use a ton of gear to come up with innovative sounds. Live, we had to use extremely complicated setups to achieve “close but not quite”. Now we do everything with the Axe-FX. The time saved and quality have been incredible!

Jim Harper

Fighting Friday, Studio Musician

A very well respected sound engineer gave me the look of death when I showed up with just my Axe-Fx. At the end of the night he came up and said “That thing sounded so good it made me angry”. No limitations no compromises. The future is now I am honored to be part of it.

Eric Maldonado

Solo Artist, Session Guitarist

There’s never been something that sounds as good as Fractal. Studio, stage, video shoot, or just noodling for practice, it’s one of the greatest tools because it just feels right. Nothing has ever come close to this before and it’s only up from here with Fractal!

Casey Hooper

Katy Perry

With the Axe-Fx I don’t ever have to say ‘no’. We can select whatever gear we want to use on-stage with Katy but we have to be able to achieve the sounds she and the musical director are looking for. The Axe-Fx met our needs for the show and sounds incredible.

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Felix Martin

Solo Artist

The Axe FX II is the perfect device for any multi-output instrument such as the Chapman Stick Warr Guitar 14-string guitar regular guitars with piezo doubleneck 6/12 string etc. I’m basically using different effects for each one of the 4 outputs of my guitar having the greatest sound quality. Amazing and ready to go!

Will Wu

Studio Musician, Who is Fancy, Skylar Stecker, Fifth Harmony, Megan Nicole

The Axe-Fx is indispensable both in the studio and for touring. With it’s endless creative possibilities diverse tones and realistic feel the Axe-Fx is everything I need.

Web Site

Steven Bradley

I Wrestled A Bear Once

Not only is the Axe-Fx III the best tool on Earth for shaping your dream tones and fx, but you also get to bring them with you everywhere you go in only 3 rack spaces! I ditched giant flight cases and a huge pedal board in favor of one easy-to-carry rack and an FC-12… truly amazing!

Stephanie Bradley

Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx III was by far the biggest game changer for my set up! Not only do the tones and sounds outperform everything else out there, the amount of options, range, and sound quality are mind blowing!

Mike Mulholland & Jesse Ketive


The Axe-Fx has completely reshaped not only our sound but also the way we’re able to take it with us. Countless pieces of gear have been replaced our tones are better than ever and it fits right in the overhead compartment on flights. Can’t beat it!

Gustavo Assis-Brasil

Solo Artist, Composer, Author

The Axe-Fx is the best piece of equipment I’ve ever had. I’ve always dreamed of having a guitar device that had all the sounds possibilities and features I wanted. With the Axe-Fx my dream came true. Thanks for making my life on stage and at studio easier!

Web Site

Marcus Rezak

Digital Tape Machine, Solo Artist

Since switching to Fractal Audio Axe-Fx I love the ease of achieving any tones I need with lightweight compatibility on the road or in the studio. I get my electronic dance/rock-style sounds that I would need racks-upon-racks to achieve otherwise with a set up time of seven minutes or less.

Sharon Aguilar

Cee Lo Green, 2NE1

The Axe FX II is simply unreal. It has a ton of capabilities that I never imagined could be found in a single unit. It totally rocks!

Fredrik Pihl

Solo Artist, The Rockoutz

Versatility, quality and tone! These three words come to mind when I describe the Axe FX. I use it for all my live gigs and studio work, with the feeling of playing through a real tube amp with super high quallity effects. Fractal Audio has changed the way I approach my guitar tone, and I feel more inspired than ever. Thank you guys!”

David Walliman

Public Alchemy, YouTube Sensation

The Axe FX II is everything I ever wished for. It inspires me to play more while making me sound better. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about tone.

Walliman’s Channel on YouTube

Jasio Kulakowski

Kobra and the Lotus

Fractal Audio are ahead of the game in the world of amp and FX modeling with sound and feel like the real deal in a way that was unfathomable not long ago. This is the future. I feel like a kid in a candy store.


Solo Artist, Bryan Ferry

The Axe-Fx XL continues to blow my mind as I get more and more familiar with it. It is supremely versatile and delivers tones that make it difficult to ever put the guitar down. This beautiful beast has unlocked a whole new level of awesome!

Quist Web Site

Hadley Hockensmith

L.A. Studio Guitarist, Neil Diamond Band

I love my Axe-FX… So much fidelity, amp goodness & processing power under one roof. The ‘sonic bar’ has been totally recalibrated by Fractal Audio!

Marco Fanton

Independent Artist

Fractal Audio Systems gives me all the best amplifiers and effects I ever wanted in a single unit! Under my feet on stage!

Julia Pierce

Solo Artist

My Axe-Fx and MFC-101 are a guitar player’s dream. I have access to limitless amazing tones and effects with superb quality. Live setup is a breeze too… no more over-sized pedal boards! My rig survived 2012 Warped Tour last summer without any glitches whatsoever and still going strong. Fractal Rocks!!!

Nick Sterling

Sebastian Bach, Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx… Prepare yourself to be totally consumed! This unit is the future and beyond. Amazing!

find Nick Sterling on Facebook

Santiago Torres Lynett

Maluma, Fonseca

Fractal Audio makes touring easy. From bars to big arenas, my tone is consistently great! I use it as my only unit on stage, running both amp modeling and effects.

Paul Masvidal


The Axe-Fx does everything well but most importantly it articulates the science of great tone with an organic sensibility and utter precision!

B. Christopher

The B. Christopher Band

I make my living as a television composer and my Fractal Axe-Fx is worth its weight in gold. I’m amazed constantly by the depth and warmth of the tone. It’s truly the best piece of gear I have ever owned.

Web Site


Peter Autschbach

Solo Artist, Sideman

I’ve been using the Axe-Fx since the very beginning. Even back then the world of possibilities that it opened up was unbeatable. What’s possible now makes the Axe-Fx and AX8 perfect for creating even the wildest sounds. I play both electric and acoustic guitar and couldn’t be happier. It’s just perfect. And this perfection means I can finally concentrate completely on my music.

Frank Steffen Mueller

Solo Artist, Session Guitarist

After 40 years as a musician/guitarist I´ve had lots of experiences with awesome gear. The Axe-Fx is pure inspiration to me. The sound is just stellar and it´s so easy to use. To me the Axe-Fx is “THE REAL THING”.

Frank’s Web Site

Anouck André

Solo Artist, Session Musician, Teacher

For live or studio use the Axe-Fx is the best tool ever! This is really the ultimate 21st-century unit for the guitarist. A year ago I couldn’t see myself playing without a tube amp now I just can’t see myself without my Axe-Fx.

Sacha Laskow

Every Hour Kills

The Axe-Fx finally fulfilled the promise of the multi-Fx amp modeler. Live or in the studio every tone you can imagine in stunning quality without sacrificing usability. I replaced entire fridge racks and pedalboards and haven’t mic’d up a cab in months. Fractal brings my audio chaos to life.

Web Site

Charlie Bellmore

Kingdom of Sorrow, Jasta, Kings and Liars

Ok I’ve got a major complaint with you Fractal people….WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ALL THIS GEAR NOW?!!?!? I’ve got a pile of distortion pedals fuzz boxes delays amps and cabs just collecting dust! Where do you get off making SUCH an awesome product? Takes a lot of nerve to make the best piece of gear I ever owned.

David Shankle

Manowar, David Shankle Group

The Axe Fx II is a guitar player’s dream. It is the most versatile and real sounding unit on the market. My tone is killer and I I the pitch harmonizing is excellent.

Cole Rolland

Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx is everything I’ve been looking for and more. It is a completely limitless unit that has the ability to make what you hear in your head into a reality. The Axe-Fx is the now and the future!

Cole’s YouTube Channel

Paul Landers


Paul uses the Axe-Fx in Rammstein. “Hi Paul. Do you want to tell us anything about your setup?” Paul: “No.”

Rammstein Web Site

Angel Vivaldi

Solo Artist

The quintessential preamp for every guitarist no matter the genre or gig.

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Leroy Miller

Smash Mouth, Rob Cavallo, Jack Joseph Puig, John Mayer

I’m now living in Nashville TN and I’ve been blowing people away with my Axe-Fx. I love this thing!

Mark Karan

The Other Ones, Rat Dog with Bob Weir, Jemimah Puddleduck, Solo Artist

A “dyed-in-the-wool” tube freak I didn’t even WANT to believe the Axe/Fx could be a realistic option for me… boy was i wrong. It delivers on all-important FEEL and VIBE. and can effectively take the place of my entire multi-amp touring rig.”

Jacky Vincent

Cry Venom, Falling In Reverse

When it comes to bringing the guitar sound in my imagination to real life on stage or in the studio – the Axe-Fx is simply essential. Its easy to use and portable I wont go anywhere without it.

Yiannis Papadopoulos

Scott Stapp, Composer, Solo Artist

Fantastic! High quality amp tones and FX that sound and feel amazing. As a performer and teacher, I’m traveling the world knowing that I have consistency and peace of mind, even in a backpack!

Christopher Bonella

Solo Artist, Guitarist, Producer Engineer

I have tried many systems looking for the elusive dream tone. Once I found the Axe-Fx I knew I was done searching. The unbelievable flexibility deep rich tones and limitless combinations of sounds and FX make the Axe-Fx XL a true game changer.

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Danny Danzi

Danny Danzi Band, Van Halen Nation Skeleton. Crew

The Axe-Fx is the most powerful processors I have ever used and is the only thing I am using these days. I don’t even miss my amp rack! They not only make the best most realistic processors in the world – they support what they sell! Fractal Audio for life!

Danny’s Site


Sean Ashe

Solo Artist

Any tone I imagine can be created with ease all while sounding and feeling like I am plugged into a tube amp. With zero tonal compromise countless high quality effects and ultimate flexibility both live and in the studio the Axe-Fx has absolutely transformed the way I approach guitar tone.

Thomas McRocklin


Having access to so many amazing amps and cabs that sound feel and behave like the real deal has blown my mind. I’ve been on a tone quest this last year and the first time I plugged into the Axe-Fx I knew I had found exactly what I was searching for. The complementing effects are also world class which means I can keep my rig small and portable without compromises.

Kenny Serane

Solo Artist

For the stage you can sell all the gear you have! The AX8 gives you what you want and beyond…with top-notch tone.

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Edo Faiella

Session Player, Producer

As a session guitarist, I believe that having the right tone is just as important as playing the right note. Fractal Audio gives me instant access to any rig I could ever imagine, right at my fingertips, on stage and in the studio, with no compromise.

Will Schut

Solo Artist

I can safely say this is the unit I’ve been waiting for for the last 25 years. It’s a tonechaser’s dream come true!

Zac Tiessen

Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx is at the very pinnacle of tone for the cutting-edge musician. It not only offers any sound imaginable but also gives depth to a visceral level of aural spectrums. A truly inspiring creation.

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Xander Demos

Raxus Prime, Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx and MFC-101 have been the cornerstone of my recording and live-playing rig since 2008. I was hooked in about 15 minutes and I haven’t looked back since. I have become a much more creative player and well-rounded artist because of this amazing device.

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Nick Burbey

Solo Artist, Studio Musician, Professional Sideman

The Fractal is an absolute dream machine. They’ve stuffed every effect head cabinet and more into a 2-space rack and now floor unit! I’ve been using Fractal products for every gig lesson rehearsal and recording session since 2009 and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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Joe Cocchi

Within the Ruins

The Axe-Fx is an amazing unit. It has completely changed our entire live rig for the better. It has become one of the most important pieces of gear in my touring and home studio setup. Possibilities are endless – nothing can match the quality or tone that the Axe-Fx produces.

Within the Ruins site

Gary Cain

Gary Cain Band

Being a blues player I need that authentic cranked-amp tone and the Axe-Fx nails it! Being able to get that tone without having to turn up loud enough to weld is invaluable for both gigging and practicing. It’s stunning how good it sounds and feels.

Gary Cain Band Site

Thibault de Robillard

Youtube’s thibderob, Feedback, Solo Artist

Getting a terrific tone has never been so easy and I’ve never sounded so good live or in the studio. From dry amp tones to complex sophisticated effects the Axe Fx has it all

Daniel Figueiredo

Session Player, Composer

I always dreamed in large scale of high quality tones. The Axe Fx made that dream come true, with almost infinite possibilities.

Bruce Malley

Pray for Sound

The Axe-Fx completely changed how I feel about digital guitar processors. Having hundreds of amps and routing options that actually sound and feel real in such a small package is a game changer for both live and studio settings. With the Axe-Fx there’s no digital harshness. All the tube character is there. I can finally focus my time on creating music rather than building the ultimate do-all rig.

Pray for Sound Site

Paulo Roveri

Almanak, Solo Artist

As an all-time tube user I never thought that I could be SO INTO this kind of equipement. This magic box can bring any tone I want in any situation I need with REAL FEEL… Fractal thanks for bringing to us the next step of technology for live and studio players.

Almanak Site

Sean Spicer

Solo Artist, Tom Kurlander & Pale Blue Sound, Morph Kings

I’ve fallen in love with the Axe-Fx. The tonal power is amazing – so many different amps and effects and everything is updatable. I can program all of my signal chains just the way I want them and be able to recall those sounds at any time. I don’t have to worry ever again about recreating my studio tones for live performance.

Billy McCullough

Blizzard of Ozzy

Fractal Audio has inspired me to take the audience’s listening experience to a new level. Whether recreating a specific tone or creating tones that set me apart from fellow artists the Axe-Fx can do it. Getting an Axe-Fx was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Blizzard of Ozzy page

Mike Hamill & John Inman

Def Leggend

“I’ve been a “tube head” guy until now. The first time I heard the AX8 I knew it was time to put the past (amps) behind me and make Fractal my primary live weapon.” – Mike Hamill

“I run straight to P.A. with my AX8 and 240 dates a year I’m reminded why I don’t need a traditional amp/rig and guess what? So are the sound men.” – John Inman

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Greg Karagianis

Andy Grammer, Bridgit Mendler, Fifth Harmony, Session Musician, Solo Artist

I’m a tube junkie and a purist but the Axe-Fx has forever changed the game. It is both a blank canvas and a palette of tonal colors that is beyond expansive. If you can dream it you can do it….all within 2 rack spaces!

Greg’s Web Site

Austin Woodward

Solo Artist

The Axe Fx II is the perfect solution for that guitar tone I’ve always had in my head. It has revolutionized my recording and production. Don’t know what I would do without it!

John Czajkowski

Hectic Watermelon, Marco Minneman’s Normalizer

The AxeFX is a transformational tool. It is the first single unit I have ever witnessed that has not only the stunning sonic quality but also the flexible routing and control capabilities of a professional multi-amp rack rig. It is truly a game-changer.

Hunter Hallberg

Solo Artist

Having all of the amps, cabs and effects in the Axe-FX III is mind-blowing! The quality and accuracy is second to none. Whether I’m performing live or recording my tone always gets compliments.

Owen Davey

Solo Artist

Each one of my projects uses a unique set of tones. The Axe FX gives me a ton of options that sound amazing and the interface is so easy to use…I could’t have a better tool for developing my own sound.

Mike DeMaria


The Axe-Fx is nothing short of a miracle in a rack unit. The endless precision that the unit offers when shaping your tone opens the door to limitless pathways to achieve any sound that your mind can conceive. There’s a reason why Fractal Audio leads their industry by a wide margin…Once you plug into an Axe-FX for yourself you’ll immediately understand why.

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Jacek Polak

Mr. Pollack

I had been strugling on stage with tube amps for ages before my Axe II arrived.No headaches anymore! I recorded my most recent album “Seven Sources” with the Axe II as my main amp and it’s the best sound of my career. Thank you Fractal Audio that you exist!

Todd Bishop


The Axe-Fx and AX8 are hands down the best pieces of gear I’ve ever owned. My amps now collect dust. I’ve been able to completely recreate my stereo tube amp setup with my Fractal gear and have it sound even better. Gig after gig my tone is always there and never fails me.

OZZ Web Site

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Zach Munowitz


The Axe-Fx achieves a level of creative transparency and depth that I haven’t found in any other piece of hardware. It truly allows me to craft the sound I hear in my head for the first time, and as a producer and artist, this is invaluable. Fractal is the cutting edge, and their drive and passion is evident in everything they do.

Zach Munowitz Site

Ben Melero


The Axe-Fx is by far the best invention in the guitar world of this century. Not only has it allowed me to reduce my live rig to the minimum (no more huge racks) but also offered me the possibility to get the best sounds in every situation. I can get the same exact sound of the studio in live situations. I’m sorry for amp & FX manufacturers but this is ALL I’ve ever dreamt!


Andre Dinuth

Solo Artist, Session Player

I’ve been using my AX8 endlessly on live gigs tours and sessions. The sound the tone and the feel is so mindblowing and unreal! So inspiring! Thanks Fractal!

Andy Gillion

Mors Principium Est, Solo Artist, Producer, Composer

Every sound and effect I could ever need in the studio or live fits into a unit small enough to sit under my monitor or to be carried onto a flight to my next gig. The Axe-Fx is the silver bullet to the tube-amp purist’s argument against digital amps.

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Sus Vasquez

Solo Artist, Session Player, Sideman

Fractal Audio opens an infinite universe of musical possibilities. I’ve never felt so comfortable with a unit on stage and in the studio.

Sus’s Web Site

Marcos Kleine

Ultraje, Pad

First time I saw and heard an AX8 I thought…Take me to your leader! The second thing was to get one at home. I do not get tired of being stunned by this wonderful equipment!

Marcos’ Web Site

Guru Ganesha

Guru Ganesha Band

I’ve been on a 45-year quest for the perfect electric guitar sounds and had almost given up hope when I recently was turned onto the Axe-Fx. Now I’ve been able to dial in sounds that I couldn’t even conjure up in my dreams. You’ve proven to me that there must be a God!

Andrea Puxeddu

Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx has completely revolutionized my world. I finally found my tone which I researched for many years. The quality of the sound and the feeling you have is amazing. All with a simple interface that makes things even easier and faster. The Axe-Fx has no limits no boundaries.

Andrea’s Web Site

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Eric Wollman

Quantum Mechanics, Solo Artist

The Axe-FX is the most musically inspiring piece of equipment I have ever plugged into. The tone has a clarity that allows me a greater level of expression. It is a true extension of my playing. It is simply amazing!

Andres Gimenez

A.N.I.M.A.L., De La Tierra

My Fractal gear sounds amazing! Pure real and versatile. It’s a fundamental part of my rig both live and in the studio. Fractal Audio frees me to create all the tones I can imagine. Animal Web Site

Yuval Ron

Solo Artist

The Axe-Fx is the king of all amp modellers, being incredibly versatile with uncompromising sound quality. Recording my latest album with it I was able to nail the exact sounds I had in mind. A masterpiece of music gear!