Inner Circle Multi-Drum Cajon, Tequila Sunrise PCJIC-645 – Pearl

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The Inner Circle Multi-Drum Cajon’s fiberglass shell is finished in an exquisite Tequila Sunrise finish and features select blended Asiatic hardwood faceplates for optimal tone. A distinctive cajon like this has never before been offered, featuring a cajon, conga, and djembe/timbao wearable option. Sit on top for standard cajon playing, or simply unlatch and fold the cajon top open, remove the Inner Circle drum and place on the closed cajon to be played as a conga at a comfortable height.  Attach the accompanying sling to the Inner Circle drum to allow shoulder-slung timbao or djembe playing.  Then, simply place the Inner Drum back into the cajon shell and relatch for easy transport.

Shell : Fiberglass shell / Asiatic Hardwood Faceplate


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