Korg – Pandora Stomp PX-ST-IV Effects Pedal


The first-generation Pandora, which appeared in 1995

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The first-generation Pandora, which appeared in 1995, was a revolutionary product that packed an amazing amount of functionality into a unit the size of a cassette tape, overturning all expectations of multi-effect units. Subsequently, it has continued to evolve to meet the needs of a wide range of users, adding “REMS” modeling technology and enhanced rhythm functionality. Now in 2013, the latest unit in the Pandora series is a stomp-box type unit. Although it looks like a compact effect unit in a die-cast body, it’s actually a multi-effect unit that contains 158 types of modeling effects; seven of which, you can use simultaneously. Two hundred preset programs include many well-known signature sounds as well as 100 rhythm patterns that cover a diverse range of styles. There’s also an auto tuner with an eye- catching LED meter that’s easy to read. You can also enjoy jam sessions by connecting your MP3 player to the AUX input, which provides a +/-1 octave pitch shift function. The freely downloadable PC editor/ librarian makes it easy to create and manage sounds. Whether used on its own, or alongside your pedal board, the Pandora Stomp delivers exactly what you need for practice and recording at home or on stage.
Number of Effects
158 types (Maximum number of effects available simultaneously: 7)
Number of Programs
User: 200
Preset: 200
Audio Input
Guitar/Bass INPUT (1/4” jack), AUX (mini stereo jack)
Audio Output
Line OUTPUT (1/4” jack), PHONES (mini stereo jack)
Tuner Section
Detection range : 27.5 Hz – 2,093 Hz (A0 – C7)
A = 438 Hz – 445 Hz
Number of Rhythm pattern
Tempo:BPM = 40 – 240
Power supply
9 V Battery (6LR61) x 1
USB bus power supply
Optional AC adapter
Battery life
Approx. 5 hours (6LR61: Alkaline battery)
(W x D x H)
70 x 123 x 48 mm / 2.76 x 4.84 x 1.89 inches (including protrusions)
511 g / 1.13 lbs. (including battery)
Color Variations
Accessories: Alkaline Battery (6LR61) x 1 for verifying functionality
Owner’s manual
AC Adapter

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Weight .511 kg
Dimensions 12.3 × 7 × 4.8 cm