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Speaker Cabinet, GS212PE

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The Laney GS212PE Celestion 70/80 is the perfect partner for the Laney GH50L guitar head amp, easily maneuverable, highly durable and with a bright top end focused mid range you can go wrong with the Laney GS212PE Celestion 70/80.

Heres what Laney say about the Laney GS212PE Celestion 70/80

The Laney GS212IE straight baffle guitar speaker cab 160-watt with 2 x 12-inch Celestion Seventy 80 drivers is optimized for use with the Laney GH50L guitar head amp with strong, tight midrange and a pleasing lift in the higher frequencies. Portable and durable, made from high-grade plywood with top mounted grip handles.


  • Guitar speaker cabinet.
  • Power RMS 160 Watts Power Handling Mono at 16 Ohms, 2 x 80 Watts Stereo at 8 Ohms.
  • Switchable Impedance 8 or 16 Ohms.
  • 2 x Celestion Seventy 80’s speakers.
  • Straight Baffle.
  • Custom-designed plywood cabinet optimised for use with Laney GH100L, GH50L and VH100R valve heads. Chrome corners, Ergonomic grip handles.
  • Dimensions (mm): Width 715 x Height 358 x Depth 455.
  • Weight: 21.5kg.

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Weight 21.5 kg
Dimensions 45.5 × 71.5 × 35.8 cm