Mapex Armory 6-Piece Studioease Shell Pack Redwood Burst (RA) With HP6005 Hardware


FINISH: Redwood Burst (RA)
HARDWARE: Chrome (C)

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Mapex Armory 6-Piece Studioease Shell Pack

Armory 6-Piece Studioease Shell Pack

AR628S – 22″X18″, 10″X08″, 12″X09″, 14″X14″, 16″X16″, 14″X5.5″ TOMAHAWK SNARE – BIRCH/MAPLE/BIRCH SHELLS


The Armory Series is the latest realization of the Mapex hybrid shell concept. A fusion of birch and maple delivers the ultimate tonal expression, and the SONIClear™ bearing edge allows the drumhead to sit flat, bringing out the best response by optimizing the relationship between head and shell.


  • The Birch/Maple/Birch 6Ply 7.2mm shell with the new SONIClear™ Bearing Edge allows for the direct transmission of sound, reduces unwanted frequencies and provides a strong fundamental pitch and an effortless tuning experience especially at lower tunings.
  • This 6-piece shell pack includes 10″and 12″ stand mounted rack toms, 14″ and 16″ floor toms, 14″ snare drum and a 22″x18″ kick.
  • The SONIClear™ tom suspension and floor tom feet increase overall resonance by preserving vibration in the shell and keeping stress away from the tension rods, helping the heads stay in tune.


  • 22″x18″, 10″x08″, 12″x09″, 14″x14″, 16″x16″, 14″x5.5″ Tomahawk Snare
  • Birch/Maple/Birch Shells
  • 6Ply 7.2mm Shells
  • SONIClear™ Tom Suspension
  • Redwood Burst
  • Chrome
  • SONIClear™ Floor Tom Feet
  • Low-Contact Bass Drum Claws
  • Focused, Tonal, and Responsive
  • SONIClear™ Bearing Edge
  • TH800 Soniclear Tom Holders (x2)
  • Armory Tomahawk Snare Drum
    1mm Stainless Steel Shell
    Rounded 45 Degree Bearing Edge
    Solid Steel Armory Tube Lugs
    2.3mm Power Hoops


Mapex Armory 6-Piece Studioease Shell Pack

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