MarkBass Bass Multiamp S (2015) Amp Head With Standard 104HF Cabinet


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Bass Multiamp S (2015)

The BASS MULTIAMP S is dedicated to all the bassists who like to play in stereo mode, like our top-artists Jeff BerlinAlain CaronRichard Bona, Michael Manring.
MarkBass Bass Multiamp S (2015) Amp Head
The BASS MULTIAMP S can be used for stereo applications with 500W@4ohm of power for each channel (2x300W@8ohm) with bi- amp option, or mono bridge mode with a power of 1000W@8ohm! Like the mono version, bassist have a wide range of virtual bass amps, both modern and vintagespeaker cabs and microphonesstudio and stompbox effects, and powerful amps… in a practical rack mountable unit!
The BASS MULTIAMP S features a very easy to use interface like the guitar Multiamp. More than 300 factory presets: 105 for LIVE MONO105 for LIVE STEREO and 105 for P.A. banks!

It is also equipped with an electronic crossover which allows you to play in bi-amp mode, splitting the frequencies in two dedicated channels (bass frequencies channnel and treble/midrange frequencies channel).

New design for 2015 features a Master Volume on the front panel (Headphone Level control is now available at System menu), Patch Level controlnew effects and new improvements as Comp Indication on the display, ultra reduced switching time between presets, Control Change Map with on/off assignable to each single effect… and more!

BASS MULTIAMP’s state-of-the-art design allows for continual expansion… Since we were BORN TO RUN, our team will continue to work hard to periodically release new firmware updates, new items, and more and more useful and exciting tones and effects.

We want only the BEST for our customers!


The BASS MULTIAMP S is very user-friendly and incredibly flexible. You can easily store all of your favourite presets for live and/or studio recording.

The Bass Multiamp Remote Control software, available for FREE DOWNLOAD at our website, allows to modify your presets parameters connecting your Bass Multiamp S  to your computer via USB!

With the optional MULTIAMP MIDI PEDALBOARD you can have a complete and easy control of your Bass Multiamp S; it provides Program Change and Control Change mode, plus allows to have access to Tuner and Tap Delay functions of the Multiamp, and to add an optional expression pedal.The MULTIAMP MIDI PEDALBOARD runs on a 9VDC phantom power from the Multiamp via MIDI cable.
The BASS MULTIAMP S takes up two standard 19″ rack units. Its rack ears are removable so it’s perfectly portable and the MULTIAMP BAG (optional) allows you to transport your BASS MULTIAMP S in a knapsack and then keep the amp in the bag during use!

Standard 104HF

The Standard 104HF is one of our most popular cabinets and, for many players, it sets a new standard for 4x10s. Hear the miracle of neodymium speakers by playing through this cabinet… then FEEL the miracle when you pick it up! The Standard 104HF is a leader in its field due to its sound, power and portability. But you don’t have to trust us; let your ears and your lower back be the judge!
MarkBass Standard 104HF Cbinet

IMPEDANCE8 or 4 ohms
4×10 in.
1″ compression driver with custom horn
800W RMS (AES Standard)
3.5 kHz
35 Hz to 20 kHz
103 dB SPL
56.44 lbs / 25.6 Kg to 62.61 lbs / 28.4 Kg
23.23 in. / 59 cm
29.45 in. / 74.8 cm
18.98 in. / 48 cm

Product specifications are subject to change without notice
This cabinet is available in both 8 ohm (STD104HF-8) and 4 ohm (STD104HF-4) versions.

Multiamp S (2015) Features


  • INPUT: 1 jack mono


  • 2 jack mono (left/mono,right)
  • 2 XLR male (left/mono,right)
  • speaker outs
  • headphones


  • Solid state
  • Tube
  • Vintage


  • Gain
  • Patch Level
  • Master


  • Low
  • Mid Low
  • Mid High
  • High


  • STEREO MODE:2x500W@4 ohm | 2x300W@8ohm
  • BRIDGE MODE:1000W@8ohm

MIDI Connections

  • In / Through


  • 105 Live Mono Factory Presets
  • 105 P.A. Factory Presets
  • 105 Live Stereo Factory Presets
  • Virtual Amps
  • Speaker Cabs and Microphones
  • Mute/Tuner
  • Effects
  • External Memory (SD card*)
  • DIMENSIONS: 2U standard rack / depth 12.01”/305 mm
  • WEIGHT: 9.48 lbs / 4.3 Kg

Markbass amps/combos are manufactured to be sold and used in the country of purchase, and they are factory preset to that country’s voltage. Due to homologation issues, the voltage may not be changed.
* SD Card FAT 32 format, max 8Gb
Firstly you’ve to choose if you want use the Bass Multiamp S with one speaker in Bridge mode, or two speakers in STEREO mode.
To use it in Bridge mode:
Go to the SYSTEM menu with the UP/DOWN buttons and press ENTER.
Select amp mode with the UP/DOWN buttons and press ENTER.
Select MONO/BRIDGE amp mode with the UP/DOWN buttons and press ENTER and then connect the cabinet exclusively to the speakon speaker output on the rear panel (minimum impedance load 8 ohms).
If you like to use the Bass Multiamp in stereo mode:
Go to the SYSTEM menu with the UP/DOWN buttons and press ENTER.
Select amp mode with the UP/DOWN buttons and press ENTER.
Select STEREO with the UP/DOWN buttons and press ENTER.
Connect the two speakers to the jack speakers outputs on the rear panel (minimum impedance load for each output is 4 ohm).
At the bottom of the display will appear the selected mode.
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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