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Cymbal Set

  • Classics Custom Dark Series

Cymbals for Heavy Music

If you play hard rock, metal, or fusion, the cymbals in the Meinl Classics Custom Dark Cymbal Box Set – 14″ hats, 16″ crash, a 20″ ride, plus a bonus 18″ crash – will let you cut through raucous guitars like a hot knife through butter. No more bashing just to be heard above the din. These cymbals are bright and richly musical, with complex, dark overtones. And they’re loud! They also look pretty amazing. Among the drummers, there’s heavy buzz on the Meinl Classics Custom Dark Cymbal Box Set. Check out what these amazing cymbals can do for you.

Rich, dark, and loud

These cymbals pack a wallop. The hats attack brightly and serve up a sprightly chick and an organic slosh. The 16″ crash delivers a visceral punch and a complex sustain. The ride furnishes a classic cutting ping with warm overtones and a gorgeous, musical bell that cuts beautifully. As a free bonus in the Meinl Classics Custom Dark Cymbal Box Set, you get an 18″ dark crash. We’ve found this cymbal’s size and sonic versatility make it perfect as a main crash.

Meinl Classics Custom Dark Cymbal Box Set Features:

  • This set includes:
    • 14″ Dark Dark Hi-hats
    • 16″ Dark Crash
    • 20″ Dark Ride
    • Free bonus 18″ Dark Crash
  • Ideal for heavier music: rock, metal, fusion, etc.
  • B10 bronze alloy with higher tin content than Meinl Classics Series cymbals
  • Dark timbre; rich, musical character
  • High-mid volume, medium sustain
  • Medium weight, wide blade lathe

Cut through, with the Meinl Classics Custom Dark Cymbal Box Set!

Set comprises:

  • 14″ Hi-Hat
  • 16″ Crash
  • 20″ Ride

Configurations1x Hi-Hat, 1x Ride, 2x CrashInc.

Cymbal Bag / CaseNo