Melody Maker Special Satin Ebony MMSPTSECH1 Electric Guitar – Gibson


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The tonal heart of the Melody Maker Special lies in its pair of P-90 pickups, beloved single-coil units that have been favored by rock ‘n’ rollers, blues players and garage rockers for more than 60 years. Made with genuine Alnico V magnets, these pickups provide as much power as traditional PAF-style humbuckers, but with a characteristic bite and midrange punch that really help them cut through the mix. They are wired through the no-nonsense control section of single master volume and tone control, with three-way toggle switch. Hardware includes a rock-solid wraparound bridge—a component known for its ability to enhance any guitar’s resonance and sustain—and a set of quality, vintage-style white-button tuners.



Species Mahogany
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50


Species Mahogany
Profile Rounded
Truss Rod Traditional Adjustable
Joint Angle 5° (+/- 15 seconds)
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50


Species Baked Maple
Frets 22
Radius 12″
Scale Length 24.75″
Nut/E.O.B 1.695″/2.260″
Inlays Acrylic Dot


Knobs Black Top Hat
Pickguard Black with P-90 Slots
Strings .010 – .046, Genuine Gibson strings
Strap Buttons Aluminum


Neck Position P-90 (Alnico V)
Bridge Position P-90 (Alnico V)


Potentiometers 1 Volume Control, 1 Tone Control
Type 300k Linear Volume, 500k Non-linear Tone
Coil Wiring Machine Wound
Toggle Switch Three-way Switchcraft with White Black Tip
Output Jack Traditional 1/4″