PDBXHW8155 PDP 800 8.155 HW PACK – 5 PIECE W SP450 – PDP By DW




The PDP 800 Series Hardware Pack includes five pieces of high-quality drum hardware, all in one box!
PDP’s line of medium weight, 800 Series hardware combines strength, reliability and versatility, designed by drummers, for drummers. The 800 Series stands feature fine-toothed tilters, double-braced legs and large, rubber feet. And the included PDP 400 Series Bass Drum Pedal is constructed with a racing-inspired footboard, a Single-Chain Drive with Offset Cam for improved torque, the PDP Two-Way Beater, built-in spurs, Side Adjustable Toe Clamp, and Three-Position Stroke Adjustment.

Product Features:

  • SP450 single pedal.
  • HH800-01 3-leg Hi-hat stand.
  • CB800 straight/boom cymbal stand.
  • CS800 straight cymbal stand.
  • SS800 snare stand.

Product Details

  • Brand: PDP by DW
  • Series: 800
  • Model Number: PDBXHW8155
  • Cymbal Stand: CB800 straight/boom, CS800 Straight
  • HI-hat Stand: HH800-01
  • Snare Stand: SS800
  • Kick Drum Pedal:  SP450 Single Pedal