Redwood Ag-1 Beginner’s Acoustic Guitar – Natural

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Redwood Ag-1

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Great beginner’s guitar that provides comfort and clarity

Dreadnought profile for power and delivery

Basswood top in natural finish, an excellent wood for inexperienced players

Hardwood neck with rosewood fingerboard

Agathis back and sides with sturdy hardwood neck and maple fingerboard


The Redwood AG-1 acoustic guitar is the ideal model for learners to start their musical journey. The guitar has been built to provide a robust and supportive playing feel, and produce articulate tones at a price that everyone can take advantage of.


The body is shaped to a dreadnought profile, which is capable of producing a huge amount of power with a forceful delivery. The back and sides of the body have been built using agathis, a durable tonewood that has the enviable qualities of rigidity, and durability. These characteristics allow agathis to generate considerable amount of energy for a wide dynamic range, whilst making it highly resilient to any knocks or bumps that can occur in the hands of new players.


The top is built from basswood, a medium-weight tonewood that has a balanced response across the frequency range. Basswood has a supple character, which enables it to project the tones produced in the body with ease, giving the AG-1 a wide dynamic range. Basswood is also very tough and hardy, which allows it to cope well in the hands of inexperienced players.


A sturdy hardwood neck provides a robust playing support, whilst the rosewood fingerboard ensures that each and every note rings out with the utmost articulation under relatively minimal effort, which encourages players and aids in developing their technical ability and playing confidence. The headstock contains chrome machine heads that hold strings in tune firmly throughout performances, enabling players to focus on playing and not battling with tuning.


The Redwood AG-1 acoustic guitar provides a fantastic introduction to the world of guitar playing and music for new players. For those who’re looking to get their musical journey off to a bright start, then this delightful acoustic offers a highly affordable choice.


Manufacturer Redwood
Model AG-1
Guitar Size Full
Body Material Agathis
Top Material Basswood
Neck Material Hardwood
Fingerboard Material Rosewood
Tuners Chrome
Finish Natural

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