Pearl Drum Kit – Reference 4 Pcs Hybrid Shell Pack RF924XSP/C (377)


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Scarlet Sparkle Burst


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Note: Hardware and cymbals need to purchase separately

What if each drum in your drum set was engineered as an instrument unto itself? What if each tom was designed to respond perfectly within the confines of its respective frequency without compromise over any other areas of your kit? This is the mission behind Reference Series: A complete set of individually engineered, incredible sounding drums. So forget what you think you know about drums and take a look at Reference Series, the most acoustically advanced drums in the world.
“Best of Masterworks” Shell Material
BRL Bridge Lugs w/ Swivel Function
LB-200 Bridge FT Leg Brackets
LG-200 Floor Tom Legs
SP-300 Spurs
MasterCast Die Cast Hoops
Aluminum OptiMount Suspension System
Stainless Steel Tension Rods
Molded Rubber Gaskets
Remo Clear Emperor Tom Batters
Remo Clear Powerstroke3 BD Batter
Remo “Window” Snare Batter Head
Super High Gloss
Lacquer/Lacquer Sparkles
Choice of Chrome (C), *Gold Plated (G), or *Black Chrome Plated (B) Drum Hardware (*special order)
22×18 bass drum
10×8 tom
12×9 tom
16×16 floor tom

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