Sambajon Cajon PCJ-SBJ BLACK – Pearl



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Pearl Percussion is an industry leader in cajon innovation and the new Sambajon continues that tradition. The Sambajon is a fiberglass cajon with a wood faceplate and unique padded cloth covered side that produces an “808” style low bass and tone that resembles a Brazilian Surdo. The padded cloth side is also perfect for use with any cajon pedal. The built in bass port is positioned on the side, opposite the cloth covering, for increased projection. Fixed snares on the wood faceplate have excellent clarity and and generate a crisp attack that compliment the diverse sounds the Sambajon is capable of producing. The Sambajon is finished in high gloss black lacquer and black cloth for a stealth black on black appearance. Don’t worry, when you play this cajon you are sure to get noticed.The 3D Cajon body is finished in high gloss black lacquer with a natural faceplate, and the faceplate is attached with contrasting black screws.


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