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Peavey SP4 BX Speaker

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The Peavey SP4 BX is a incredibly loud and clear three way speaker system. Dual fifteen inch Black Widow Soeakers are used along with Peavey’s high end RX22 horn driver. Peavey has teamed up DC Music Store to offer the SP4 at a fantastic price. The system provides fantastic low end response, great clarity in the mid range as well as sizzling highs. The Peavey SP line of speakers has been the main stay that has built their reputation for outstanding quality sound equipment.


The SP4 is a pro caliber quality loudspeaker and with the Black Widow Speakers that can be field replaced with replaceable baskets and the RX22 that can be replaced with a diaphragm replacement kit the SP 4BX is built for pro standards and meant to be used in a high use situations.

You can bi-amp the system if you desire, connect with either speak on style connections or typical quarter inch connections.

Peavey uses a high end crossover designed to give you a smooth response from 52hz to 17k hz. With their unique Sound Guard Protection Circuit will provide high volume, fantastic clarity and the utmost dependability.

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