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Exceptionally accurate mix experience with LYD 48

“The 3-way design of the LYD 48’s is a true step forward for an already legendary brand, and in our testing it produced a exceptionally accurate mix experience with very little ear fatigue.” (Dave Edwards, DJ Booth)

The balanced sound of LYD 48 gives quick and great results

“The Dynaudio LYD 48 studio monitors and 18S sub combine to create a great-sounding four-way system. The transparent representation of the individual instruments of a song gives you a lot of confidence in what you’re hearing when mixing, so that details can be nicely highlighted and you quickly get useful results.”

(Chris Pfeil,

An incredible, balanced sound at a great price

“The LYD 48s offer an incredible, balanced sound at a great price, and are truly the flagship of a fleet of award-winning monitors.”

(Andy Jones, MusicTech Magazine)

You could listen to these for hours without experiencing fatigue

Things just sound like they should. When A/Bing with some other speakers, coming back to the Dynaudio combo just felt right.

LYD 48 in short: Balanced and uniform sound

“We definitely appreciated the sound we heard through this monitor – full and consistent – which I believe is the result of excellent engineering in horizontal development with the elegant choice of the symmetrical arrangement of the speakers.”

(Francesco Passarelli, MusicOff)

Fantastic detail and on-point transient response

“The detail in the top end is fantastic, the transient response is on point, and the low end is quite substantial while being well-controlled. If you’re shopping in this price range, you should give these a listen.”

(Brandon T. Hickey, Mix Magazine)

LYD 48 Sound on Sound Review

“The performance of the LYD 48 in the bass end was exemplary and I was very impressed by the level of definition and transient detail that it delivered in the mid and treble frequencies, even when the bottom end was shaking the metaphorical floorboards.”

(Bob Thomas, Sound On Sound)

LYD 48 – The Best Bargain in Mid-Range Monitors Today!

“My first impression when putting the new Dynaudio LYD 48 monitors on my speakers stands something along the line of “I’m back home!” They sound like the Dynaudios that I know and love, but there is also something much greater to them.”

– Don Gunn (TapeOp Magazine)

Incredible Clarity in Sound in Any Space

“In a small or large room, these monitors sound fantastic. They have a beautiful response and a clarity that needs to be heard. If you need to hear faults in your mix, the LYD 48s will certainly help you find them.” – Rob Gee (Mixdown Magazine)

LYD 48 Are Perfect for Placing Vocals in A Mix

“I was very impressed how the LYD48s dealt with vocals. I like my vocals to sit in the mix rather than on top and I found I was able to achieve this with the LYD48s.”

Tech Spec

Technical specifications

Specification sheet for LYD part 2
Max SPL (1m, pair): 112dB
Principle: Bass reflex
Crossover Frequencies: 460Hz / 5.5kHz
Tweeter: 1in soft dome
Midrange: 4in
Woofer: 8in
Dimensions (W x H x D): 369 x 234 x 328mm
Weight: 12kg
Sensitivity (85dB @ 1m, free field):
+6dB: 50mV
0dB: 100 mV
-6dB: 200 mV
Specification sheet for LYD part 1
Power (Tweeter/Midrange/Woofer): 50W/50W/80W
Type: Class D
Power consumption standby: <0.5W
Power consumption max.: 100W
Input voltage: 90 – 264V AC, 50 – 60Hz
Inputs: XLR balanced/RCA unbalanced
Outputs: N/A
Frequency response -6dB limits:
Bass extension +10Hz: 60Hz – 21kHz
Bass extension 0Hz: 50Hz – 21kHz
Bass extension -10Hz: 40Hz – 21kHz
Free field frequency response: 50Hz – 19kHz
Frequency response -10dB limits:
Bass extension +10Hz: 52Hz – 24kHz
Bass extension 0Hz: 42Hz – 24kHz
Bass extension -10Hz: 32Hz – 24kHz