WH20TQG Wireless Headset Microphone Shure


Microphone, Black Micro-Lavalier Omini

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The Shure WH20TQG is a rugged, lightweight, dynamicheadset microphone that provides high-quality voice pickup.

The WH20TQG can be used in different radio systems. In the following table you can see which wireless system is the best suited for you.

Specification Sheet – wh20-user_guide_en

  • Environment – Medium stages and installations
  • Wireless mics used in parallel  – Up to 12

This SLX system with WH20TQG is not available as a package. The following individual components make up the system: SLX1 transmitter, SLX4 receiver and the WH20TQG

  • Selectable Frequencies – Up to 960
  • Auto Setup Features – Scan/Sync
  • Rack Hardware – Inclusive
  • Batteries – 2AA, >8 h
  • Advanced Antenna Options – Yes



WH20TQG in the SLX Wireless System