ZBT, 5 Cymbal Box Set 14″ (36cm), 16″ (41cm), 20″ (51cm), 18″ (46cm) ZBTP390-A- Zildjian Cymbals


ZBT Series 5 Cymbal Box Set

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This ZBTP390 5-Piece boxset by Zildjian was produced with a revolutionary manufacturing process to deliver a bright, intense tone that cuts through any mix. This set includes a balanced pair of 14" ZBT Hi-Hats, 16" ZBT Crash and a 20" ZBT Ride. As an added value the full sounding 18" ZBT Crash is included at no additional cost.


    14" ZBT Hi-hats
    16" ZBT Crash
    20" ZBT Ride
    Free 18" ZBT Crash